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Wasup TV fans!! Amy and I just wrapped up our recap show for GANG RELATED. Last night was the season finale and mannnnnnn…are we getting a season 2?! If you watch the show – PUSH PLAY down below!


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VRO hosts Mike, Amy and Jennyfly talk FOX’s new TV series GANG RELATED. On Friday, August 15th – the crew will talk Thursday’s SEASON FINALE episode “Malandros” that airs August 14th on FOX. Please visit and for past GANG RELATED recap shows. If you watch GR – feel free to email your thoughts of the show’s season finale to and they’ll read them on Friday’s show.

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Join VRO hosts Mike, Amy and Jennyfly as they talk FOX’s new TV series, GANG RELATED. On today’s show they’ll discuss the Thursday night episode “Almadena” that aired on August 7th on FOX.

This Friday, August 15th – the hosts will talk the season finale!

Ryan finds his secret duffle bag missing and heads to a safe house. He finds out that Jessica took it and reaches out to her to explain. Meanwhile Acosta gives up the Metas and the Gang Task Force takes down the drug lab and their bank. Also Jessica Chapel is murdered by the Metas in retaliation for a bust by GTF.

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Join Mike ‘the movie guy’ Pierce and Jesus as they review the FX series, THE STRAIN. On Tuesday, August 12th they’ll discuss the highlights of Sunday’s, August 10th episode ”Runaways.”

When a plane lands in New York City with everyone on board dead, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, head of the CDC’s Canary Project, and his team are called upon to investigate. Harlem pawnbroker Abraham Setrakian races to the airport, convinced that what looks at first like a mysterious viral outbreak might be the beginning of something infinitely more sinister.

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Join Jessica and Mike the Movie Guy as they discuss the 4th episode in the final season of True Blood. They are looking forward to talking about the newest developements in this episode.

How many of you though Violet was going to go Apesh*t???

Sookie seems to be pretty shook up for someone that didn’t love Alcide so much.

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As always, you are welcome to participate on the phone and in the chat room during tonight’s live show.

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Talking Dead

VRO hosts Mike and Amy got together to discuss the TALKING DEAD Season 5 Preview Special that aired on AMC on July 6, 2014. In today’s show the hosts discuss the last season of THE WALKING DEAD and their predictions of season 5 that returns in October on AMC.

The hosts also discuss WalkerStalker-Con – the event hits Atlanta, GA on October 17-19, 2014. Variety Radio Online will be there covering the event for all the Walking Dead, horror and Sci-fi fans. For more info visit


Walker Stalker Con Atlanta Ad 2 clip: YT/Charles Creech

The Walking Dead music clip: YT/RodrigoGarcia

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The other day…I got one of the coolest mailer’s – It’s for the upcoming TV series THE BRIDGE.

The Bridge

Pretty sweet huh?! Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, July 9th on FX. It’s a great series!! My sister’s the one that actually got me hooked on the series.


The Bridge

…and that’s just the cover…lets go inside.

The Bridge

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The Bridge

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YES. You see that right. :)

It’s a Season 2 DVD with episodes 1 & 2 – YEP…for ME to watch!! LIFE IS GOOD!!

If you haven’t had the chance to start watching THE BRIDGE – I believe it’s available on HULU…and I know it’s for sure on Netflix. :)

The Bridge

Season 2 Premieres July 7 (10 p.m. ET/PT) on FX

The Bridge is a crime thriller starring Diane Kruger, Demian Bichir, Matthew Lillard, Emily Rios,   Thomas M. Wright and Ted Levine. When the body of a cartel member is found on US soil, Sonya Cross (Kruger) from El Paso PD and her Mexican counterpart, Marco Ruiz (Bichir), must work together to solve the case.  Marco, still reeling from the death of his son, continues to deal with corrupt cops and the demands of the cartel.  Sonya meets an unexpected man with connections to her past who threatens to come between her and her boss, Lieutenant Hank Wade (Levine).  The case quickly pulls them all into a complex web of money laundering, police corruption, and the Juarez Drug War which infiltrates the suburban streets of El Paso.

El Paso Times reporters Daniel Frye (Lillard) and Adriana Mendez (Rios) continue to follow the Millie Quintana Money House, a path that will eventually cross that of Marco and Sonya. Charlotte Millwright (Gish) will have to make the impossible choice between the two worlds that have a grasp on her: the US government and the Mexican cartel.  Meanwhile, Steven Linder (Wright) tries to do right by his Mexican Immigrant love and ends up seeking justice the only way he knows how.

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