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Last night I had the chance to watch the documentary film…THE DWARVENAUT.

DWARVENAUT – Theatrical Trailer from Nate Taylor on VimeoWhat did I think of THE DWARVENAUT?

I loved it. It was sooooooo good. This company is too sweet. The sculptures – amazing. The skills. Damn!
10 minutes into the documentary I was blown away…and I’m not just saying this because I used to play Dungeons & Dragons. (ohh the memories) It’s just a really well done documentary.

THE DWARVENAUT is a must see…especially if you’re a fan of D&D & fantasy flicks! Great job Mr. Director and story tellers. Great job.

THE DWARVENAUT releases on VOD today!


I actually just finished watching CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR…like literally. I just took off the headphones…climbed out of bed…trying not to wake the wifey…walked through the living room…trying not to wake the dog…who could possibly wake up our ‘almost’ 2 year old son…all this…for Mr. Nick Jonas. (lol)

Careful What You Wish For

Did I like the movie?

I did. Any type of movie that can get my ‘WTF feelings’ going – – is alright with me. (lol)

Here’s what the movie’s about – OH…DO NOT watch the trailer. I know some of you girls will be tempted to – – DON’T! Personally…I thought it gave away too much.

Careful What You Wish For

Ok – real quick. Nick Jonas plays a young dude named Doug. He comes with parents to a little vacation spot – does a little summer work before heading off to college. One day – he notices a couple moving next door – – – the husband played by 1988’s YOUNG GUNS Dermot Mulroney – – he’s a rich douche who happens to have a super hot wife named Lena, played by the lovely Isabel Lucas. Right off the bat – she’s gives him the old ‘I wanna meet your penis look.’ Well – that’s what it looked like to me. (lol) Instead of playing it smart – – – his penis does all the thinking and decision making for him and well…it gets a little ‘complicated.’ (lol)

Careful What You Wish For

You get the picture. Right? Well…I hope so. (lol)

Like I said before – I liked the movie.

20 minutes into the movie I was like, “WTF Nick Jonas?!”

40 minutes into the movie I was like, “WTF Nick Jonas?!”

Last 20 minutes of the movie I was like, “WTF Nick idiot!”

Careful What You Wish For

See. This movie got my emotions going. (lol) I thought Nick Jonas did a great job in acting department. It was super cool seeing Paul Sorvino is this. (I’m a fan)

I could see the girls loving this one – – Nick Jonas sexy time. Nick Jonas with his shirt off. Nick Jonas in just his boxer shorts. (lol) Yeah, yeah…he works out. (lol) Personally…my eyes were locked on Lena, the crazy, seductive chick. (lol)

CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR hits theaters and On Demand this Friday. The same day as Nick Jonas’s new album drops – Niceeeeee dude. Nice.

If you happen to check it out the movie – let me know your thoughts.

I give CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR… 3 out of 5 popcorns. It could be a cool solo or date flick…which ever floats your boat….get it? BOAT. (lol)

Movie fans!! Horror fans! I check it out…it’s called…

Before I talk BITE – here’s a little info in the movie first…BITE is NOW open in select U.S. Theaters, and all major VOD and On Demand platforms – so after watching the trailer or reading my review – – you can find and watch it there. 😉
NOW…what did I think of the slimy, horror flick they call BITE?!

👉 I thought it was alright. I thought the trailer was freakier though.

👍 I thought it had a cool story I could relate to. 😳 I actually frequent Costa Rica…soooo after watching this…I told the wifey, “Well. I’m not swimming in any water there NO MO!!” 😂
👍 I liked the special effects in the movie. I bet it was real fun making this flick…all those eggs…all that slim. 😳

👎 For me…it had a slow start. It felt like forever to get really going…but when it finally does. OH Crap! There’s this one “Stomp the Yard” part….DAMNN! The last 15-20 minutes. 👌

Overall all…I thought it was a good morning. Glad it had dope payoff. Question is…will there be a Part 2?! 😳

I give BITE…3 out of 5 popcorns!

“The Jungle Book” is an all-new live-action epic adventure about Mowgli (newcomer Neel Sethi), a man-cub raised in the jungle by a family of wolves who embarks on a captivating journey of self-discovery when he’s forced to abandon the only home he’s ever known.

Fear the Walking Dead

Written by Jesus Figueroa

With a successful season one, “Fear the Walking Dead” returns with new scenarios which can be interesting to see what comes out of them.

“The Walking Dead” sparked an uproar with a spectacular and haunting final scene and “Fear the Walking Dead” takes no break before coming back with the season premiere the week after the season six finale for “The Walking Dead.” Although both series come from the same Walking Dead Universe each have a difference to them.

“The difference for us in (Fear the Walking Dead) is there’s not a safe place,” co-creator Dave Erikson said. “We are going from one unsafe place trying to find another safe place. There’s not a safe place out there.”

“Fear the Walking Dead” proved in an outstanding, and record breaking fashion, that it can stand alone as a series and that even though everything the audience has known about this universe is still applicable, there is still so much to be explored.

“I don’t think we will ever truly shake the walking dead,” actor Frank Dillane said. “I don’t think we want to.”

Six episodes in season one for “Fear the Walking Dead” were just barely enough to give the audience a taste of what was skipped over in “The Walking Dead.” The audience now begins to see how society broke down and through some amazing characters just how far things were pushed to survive.

“I think what is great for this season is that it is 15 episodes,” Actress Alycia Debnam-Carey said. “Six episodes was a very small amount of time for us to establish our own show, to break away from such a huge franchise mothership.”

For the series to break off and show a section of this story which has no comic book background was daring. The franchise has become beloved by the fans because of the way it stays true and yet deviates from the comic. It allows for more creative ways to tell the story when criticism for moving away from an original story isn’t present.

“It’s very refreshing to be working on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ because there is no comic book series to draw from,” creator Robert Kirkman said. “It’s all new and exciting and there is a lot more potential to surprise the audience.”

The manner in which these characters grow becomes more natural because the audience is seeing it for the first time. There is no prior ties with characters in “Fear the Walking Dead” and the audience can relate to them, enjoy them, hate them and watch them grow almost at the same pace as the writers.

“I expect we will see quite a journey from (Alicia),” Debnam-Carey said.

I’m sure there is still much to learn about every character as six episodes just began the back story and the story to everything in this series. The twist and turns of this series, the characters that step up and become leaders, the beloved characters who become hated for their actions all have created a series with heart and depth. There’s still one character which can go either way — hero or not — in Victor Strand. Victor has this mystery around him because the audience hasn’t gotten to know him as well as the rest of the cast.

“I think that Victor (Strand) believes in things in black and white terms,” actor Coleman Domingo said. “I think that what he says he means. I think that he may not reveal too much because maybe it’s about him maybe strategizing.”

There’s much more to be seen and even more to be learned in the story. The end game for these characters ha not been established and it’s unclear where they are headed, except it has been seen that they are going to be out at sea.

“This season put us in an entirely different environment, on the ocean in a boat in the elements, and none of us are sea farers except for (VictorStrand)” Kim Dickens said. “It’s been very exciting for us. It’s offered us alot of new challenges just as actors.”

Characters have started to change, the innocent are beginning to be exposed to a harsher truth and they are being forced to grow up quicker and adapt to this new world. The biggest change comes from two characters who have lost their mothers and are now dealing with their loss in different ways.

“(Ophelia) is trying to figure out who she can trust, who is a friend and who is a foe,” actress Mercedes Mason said.

“You see Chris in a very dark place,” actor Lorenzo James Henrie said. “Like Ophelia they both lose their mother. You see Chris in a very dark place.”

These situations define who people, characters, become in the series. Just like “The Walking Dead,” this series works with character development to logically show where these characters end up. These characters face difficult situations physically, mentally and emotionally. Each one of the characters reacts differently and it’s what makes them so real.

“I don’t even know exactly what is too far, I don’t think we know until we are in that situation,” Domingo said. “Honestly, I think that’s the interesting thing about these characters, they have no idea, we have no idea the stuff that we are made of and when we are at these cross roads what we will actually do.”

What has captured the attention of people is the way the story develops, the way the characters adapt, the human element to a zombie story. The best part of this series is that it tries to work on the psychology behind how humans adapt to a world where zombies are introduced, and how they are changed to survive for the long haul.

“That is one of the thematically elements, that question of what will you sacrifice, in terms of your ethics and morality, to survive,” Kirkman said.

This dive into the human mind, the soul and essence of a person is what makes these series fantastic. The special effects are amazing and the icing on the cake, but the heart of this show is the way it portrays the human element.

“I think that’s why this genre is so fascinating, because you think the audience can live into these primal fears that we have,” Dickens said. “What if we are not protected, what if society is crumbling around us, what if the government isn’t taking care of me, what if I can’t protect my family.”

The characters are all in situations that the audience can put themselves in. This isn’t a horror story where the supernatural takes center stage, it’s a psychological drama where humans take the center stage and some supernatural stuff happens around them. The best part is watching how each of their minds work and what they do to adapt and fit in.

“Where Chris is, everyone who is not his dad, he’s going to be searching for something from them,” Henrie said. “The big thing for Chris is he is trying to find affection from everyone, but at the same time he is trying to find out where does he (fit in).”

This story may be taking place in California, but it’s not limited to the area. It’s made universal.

“Theoretical it is global, so, whatever our characters, be it in Georgia or California, are suffering through right now they are suffering through out the entire world,” said.

“We are well aware that we are taking on something a lot bigger this time around,” Mason said. “It’s more exciting.”

This show moves fast and the timeline is short. There’s so much happening and characters deal with so much. Through it all the story continues and there’s no point where it feels it drags along. It’s chaotic and thrilling while still insightful and though provoking.

“It’s confusing for our show because this is all happening in a short period of time,” Alycia Debnam-Carey said. “They started setting up things in earlier drafts of scripts, that were quite transformative or character changes, physical appearance and characteristic changes and I think they figured out they needed to stretch it out a little more.”

AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” premieres April 10.

After the wifey, son and dog all went to bed – I washed off all the cooties 🚿…climbed into bed…and started…THEY’RE WATCHING. 🤓
Here’s what the movie’s about…

📽 “When an American home improvement TV show visits a remote Eastern European village, the young crew thinks the lack of mocha lattés and free wifi will be the worst of their problems. But after their filming interrupts the superstitious villagers’ private religious ritual, the situation takes a turn for the homicidal… and when the blood starts flowing, that’s when things get really weird. With THEY’RE WATCHING, noted graphic novelists and animators Micah Wright and Jay Lender turn a classic horror premise upside down to create a fresh, funny, eye-popping twist on the genre.” 📽

What did I think of THEY’RE WATCHING? 🤔

🙌 I loved it! It’s got everything. Intense moments, laughs, jumpy moments, blood and gore. Did I mention…blood and gore? Ohhh yeahhhhhhhh!!
👍 I thought the cast was great. You find yourself liking the right people and hating the right people.
😬 I loved Vladimir the realtor – played by Dimitri Diatchenko. He was freaking hilarious. Alex played by Kris Lemche made me laugh as well. Becky’s soccer boyfriend – another funny dude. His opening Home Hunters Global one-on-one interviews – 😂
👍 I thought it was creative on how they shot the “first person/found footage” thing – wait. Does that even make sense? 🤔 😜
👍 I loved how I could relate to the movie 😁 – – the wifey loves watching her ‘House Hunting’ shows on TV – – so once the movie started – it was hilarious to me. I should have woken her up. “Hey Hun! Wake up. Check out this Home Hunters show!” 😂
👍 It was a great ‘packaged’ movie – – it kept my interest – – I found myself laughing in bed – – trying not to wake up the wifey — than BAM!! All hell breaks loose!! I went from eyes glued to the screen – – to “WTF?!?!” – – to “HOLY CRAP BALLS!!” 🙌

They're Watching

Just my two cents – I think THEY’RE WATCHING is totally worth the watch. It actually hits selected theaters and On Demand today.

You can see more at

🚫But don’t watch the trailer🚫 – – just listen to my words! Grab some popcorn – – grab someone and watch THEY’RE WATCHING. It’s a dope comedy, thriller, horror, WTF movie. 🙌

I give THEY’RE WATCHING… 5 out of 5 popcorns!!

Last night I had the opportunity to watch a screener for the upcoming thriller, horror movie…EMELIE. It actually hits select theaters and On Demand today.

I didn’t watch the trailer before receiving the screener…I didn’t read what the movie was about…I simply went off the movie poster.


An ‘interesting’ girl, three scared kids and the words, “THE BABYSITTER IS HERE.” 

EMELIE is about (without giving away too much) a family. Mom and dad hire a babysitter to watch their kids as they go out to celebrate their anniversary. Once the babysitter arrives – she becomes cozy with the kids and then BAMMMM!!! It gets scary, uncomfortable, nail biting – well…you get the picture.

What did I like about EMELIE?

🙂 Freaking EVERYTHING!! This is a movie I’ll tell my friends and strangers about. (lol) It’s a MUST-SEE movie people. Right off the bat – crap goes down in the first minute and half. YES. I paused the movie. I was like, “WTF?! What the hell? Didn’t anyone see what just happened?!” But that’s not even the messed up part – what this babysitter does. Insane. I’m just going to keep it like that – you just have to watch this movie.

I loved the cast. Sarah Bolger (never noticed her till now) was awesome. She plays the babysitter. It was how she draws you in. In the beginning I was like, “Heyyy she’s hot. Why weren’t my babysitter’s more like her.” then I was like, “WTF?!” then I was like, “Awww ok. I see now” then I was like, “WTF?!?!?” (lol) Joshua Rush, Carly Adams and Thomas Bair – they play the kids (Jacob, Sally and Christopher) in the movie. Outstanding!! I hope their parents increased their allowances. (lol) They were great in this movie.


The writing and directing – Dope as hell!! From the beginning to the very end. In my world – this movie’s a very well rounded package of HOLY CRAP BALLS! Loved the music in the film – especially the Blondie cover “One Way Or Another” by Until The Ribbon Breaks. I must have listened to that song at the end credits like 10 times. I actually have it pulled up on YouTube right now. (lol)

What did I not like about EMELIE?

🙁 Absolutely nothing…like I said before. I loved everything about this movie.

I give EMELIE…5 out of 5 popcorns! It’s one serious roller coaster of emotions – I found myself glued to the screen – I haven’t been like that in a long time – – plus it didn’t help that I’m a new dad either. I told the wifey this morning…”I’m never hiring a babysitter.” Thanks a lot Director Michael Thelin. (lol)

First…#TheFinalProject opens today in Houston. If you need other theater locations – check out 👍

Now…lets talk about this movie. 🤔

6 college students decide to make a documentary for their graduation project – A documentary about one of the most notorious haunted houses in America…Lafitte Plantation. They pack all their ghost hunting equipment (which is not a lot) and all their camera gear. Once it goes dark…all hell breaks loose! 😱

The Final Project

👍: I can’t brag about anything. I really wanted to like this movie. ☹️ I’m not saying I hated it. I guess I just expected more from the trailer is all. I was hoping to get freaked out or scared…but…nope. 😔

👎: For me…It took too long to get to the plantation and when the killings started…those were too quick. No blood. I needed blood…something. I would have liked seeing some of the plantation items killing those fools…that would have been cool. 😂 It kind of felt like The Blair Witch Project meets Paranormal Activity…but I’ve seen that already…I was just hoping for something different…something taken to the next level. 🙁

Keep in mind folks…if it didn’t work for me…it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. 🤔 If you check it out – let me know.

I give THE FINAL PROJECT…a 2 out of 5 popcorns. Man. I really wanted to like it more.

Marco Polo

When MARCO POLO first arrived on Netflix – I was like, “What the hell…I’ll try it.” YOOOOOO!!! I’m so glad I did. This Netflix Original Series is pretty sweet!

I literally watched episode after episode…slept…watch more and finished it! (lol) I even got my boy DJ Wicked hooked on the series. You can say we’ve been patiently waiting for season 2 to arrive. (lol)

People…if you like watching GUUUUUUUUUUD stuff, martial arts and…HOT gals who can whoop ass…watch this series! It’s dope.

If you get your hands on a blu-ray copy like I did. Seriously watch the special features. Good stuff people…especially The Martial Arts of Marco Polo and Fight Scenes Rehearsals. Oh…the gag real is funny as well – – the show is so serious – it was funny to see the cast having fun. (lol) Once you’re done with the special features – you’ll realize that A LOT goes into making this series.

Season 2. I’m ready…actually…I’ve been ready.


Mike and Amy ( are back!! Today they review the latest Gotham episode. WHOA! What did you think of “The Last Laugh?”

See more Gotham at


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