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The Monster

Wasup movie fans?! Well, I actually had the chance to check this out late last night…yep…once everyone fell asleep…I climbed into bed with my iPad and started THE MONSTER.

OK…let me start off by saying…DO NOT. Let me repeat myself…DO NOT WATCH THE TRAILER. Now…the trailer doesn’t really ruin anything but…ya gotta keep this one ole natural! (lol) Just trust when I say…you gotta watch THE MONSTER.

So…what’s the movie about – without giving anything away. Kathy played by Zoe Kazan and Lizzy played by Ella Ballentine are mother and daughter – right from the beginning – you can tell they’ve had some serious conflicts in their relationship…as you keep watching – you see these conflicts in a few flashbacks and…HOLY CRAP BALLS…talk about CRAAZZZYYYYYYYYYYYY.

So because of all the craziness – Lizzy would like to spend some time with her dad. Kathy’s job – drive her there. Sounds pretty simple, right? WRRRONNGGGGG!!! On their way there – Kathy hits a wolf crossing the road, blows out a tire and totally messes up the car. After calling dad and giving him the scoop – they decide to investigate the dead wolf on the road (I know, whyyyy?) They see that the wolf has huge gashes in it – NOT from the car – but from something else…but what could it be? They then find a tooth. A HUGE FREAKING TOOTH. They soon realize – hmmmmm maybe this whole thing with the wolf…is more serious than they thought. Maybe this wolf was being chased by something!!! Something BIGGER and SCARIER!

…AND THAT’S IT – that’s all I’m gonna say…well…one more thing. IT GETS BANANAS FROM THERE!

The Monster

I didn’t like it – I freaking LOVED it. Within the first 23 minutes of the movie…I was totally pulled in. 35 minutes into the movie…I began getting uneasy, WTF feelings (lol)…which is a good thing. 1 hour into the movie…I realized for me…this was one of the best horror movie’s I’ve seen in a long time..definitely becomes my BEST HORROR MOVIE FOR 2016 – that’s for sure. Writer/Director Bryan Bertino did an awesome job. Loved the music. Loved the way it was shot. Just a great movie.

Let’s talk about the cast – Holy Crap Balls! Ella Ballentine who plays Lizzy. She was amazing. Freaking amazing. She made you feel everything she was feeling. There’s a scene where they’re both in the car and she’s scared and crying. GOOD LORD. I wanted to jump into the TV and hug this little girl. (lol) Man. I have a 2 year son and I immediately started thinking – what would I do in this situation. Ella’s a force movie fans – she’s one of my favs now…after watching this movie – I started following her on Twitter!! Zoe Kazan who plays Kathy the mom. She was amazing as well. Freaking amazing. There were so many times I wanted to karate chop her through the TV…then I became Team Kathy…then I wanted to karate chop her…then Team Kathy again. Zoe was great at playing with my emotions! (lol) I hated her and I loved her…damnnnn youuuuuuu!! The chemistry of these two in the movie – just perfect. They seriously did a great job.

I also loved the monster. I don’t want to give anything away – so – yeah – I loved the monster. (lol)

Nothing. It was awesome. Just go see this freaking movie.

I give THE MONSTER…5 out of 5 popcorns!

The Monster

THE MONSTER opens today in Houston, TX. It’s actually showing at the AMC Gulf Pointe 30. Why one freaking theater? This movie needs to be seen I say. Rumor has it – it’s available on VOD – so maybe you can find it there.

Just go see this movie. I’m definitely adding this movie to my DVD/Blu-ray collection.


Amy and I review another episode of #Gotham! Before we really jump into it – we have a special message for Jamie Chung and hubby Bryan Greenberg! (lol)

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THE WALKING DEAD is finally back with a new season…and what an explosive premiere episode. With the show being back – so is our recap show. The crew and I are going to review every episode – – just like the past ones!

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Thanks for the love! Hope you enjoy our review.


Wasup Arrow fans!

Here’s another review – thanks for all the love. TALKING ARROW is no available on iTunes.

The Flash

Hey Flash fans!! Here’s another review…yeah, yeah…I know I’m behind. (lol) A 2 yr old will do that to ya! (lol)

Don’t forget we’re available on iTunes – just search – TALKING THE FLASH. Thanks again for all the love.


Thanks for listening everyone!!
Don’t forget – you can find us on iTunes – just search: TALKING GOTHAM


Season 2 has come and gone and WHOA! What a freaking season finale. Thanks for all the love – hope ya’ll enjoy our reviews.
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We’ll see ya’ll soon for THE WALKING DEAD RECAP SHOW! Thanks again! – Mike of

Question…what was your favorite episode of this season?


Gothamites! Here’s another episode of TALKING GOTHAM. In today’s podcast – we review last week’s episode, “Look Into My Eyes.”

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The Flash

The Flash made it’s premiere tonight…and YES…finally!!!

Season 3 and mannnnnnnnnn!! Why Barry? Whyyyyyyyyy!!! (lol)

Here’s my review and don’t forget Flash fans…TALKING THE FLASH is available on iTunes now. Don’t have it? Well – then you can visit

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