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A fast paced thriller, 88 follows Gwen (Isabelle), a young woman who comes to in a road side diner with no idea where she is or how she got there. Split between two timelines, blurring reality and fiction, Gwen gets taken on a revenge-fueled journey as she seeks out the person responsible for her lover’s death.

Hey movie fans! Last night I watched a flick called 88 starring Katherine Isabelle  (American Mary, Ginger Snaps, NBC’s “Hannibal”), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future trilogy, The Addams Family, Who Framed Roger RabbitJesse McCartney (“All My Children,” Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise, Chernobyl Diaries) and Michael Ironside (Top Gun, Total Recall, The Machinist)

88OK people…don’t the let the synopsis fool ya on the top of tha page. Personally, that doesn’t give the movie justice. (lol)

My thoughts on 88?!

:) Now…even though I love me some Katharine Isabelle…I have to start off with Christopher Llyod. His performance in this…WHOA. I don’t know about ya’ll…but I’m used to seeing him in comedies – the BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy – but WHOA. In 88 he plays a gangsta named Cyrus – this dude don’t play! Llyod was great. He goes dark people. It weird cuz – – I found myself liking him…then not liking him…then liking him again. It was a roller coaster of LIKES! (lol)

88 Katharine Isabelle – not only is she HOT…but…I thought she delivered as well…she always does in all her movies. Have you seen her in the TV series HANNIBAL? Hey…wait a second…I wonder if she got paid TWICE in 88. (lol) Watch the movie and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (lol) Hmmmmm…what else did I like. I liked the story. It has twists and turns. It definitely keeps you on your toes. I liked the strippers. Strippers are always good in a movie. (lol) I really enjoyed the character’s Lemmy (HOT as well) and Ty – they added a certain comedy to this twisted flick. While watching the special features on the Blu-ray – – I come to find out – Lemmy is played by 88 director/writer April Mullen (who is HOT by the way) and Ty who was played by 88 writer Tim Doiron – every time he came on screen – he reminded me of Steve Zahn – either way – HIGH 5 TO THEM!

:( Do I have any complaints? Nope.

- – – – -

I give 88… 3 1/2 out of 5 popcorns! I think 88 is worth the watch movie fans. For me – it had that Quentin Tarantino vibe to it. OH and if you plan on watching 88 – be sure you PAUSE the movie before going on a pee or popcorn break – you could get confused. ;) It’s a tight flick people – I even liked how the credits started from top to bottom…I know…I’m weird. (lol)

- – – -

For more information on the film, please visit

The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power 

When he is betrayed by a trusted friend, Mathayus must marshal all his strength and cunning to outwit a formidable opponent who will stop at nothing to unlock a supreme ancient power. – Source

THE SCORPION KING 4: QUEST FOR POWER releases in stores today movie fans and well…I saw it! It stars Lou Ferrigno (TV’s The Incredible Hulk), a variety of real MMA/UFC, mixed martial arts fighters, the super cool Rutger Hauer and beauties Ellen Hollman, Esme Bianco and Eve Torres!


:) It’s a fun movie. (lol) The one thing I like about The Scorpion King franchise is – all the REAL fighters they use. It’s almost like how THE EXPENDABLES movies are – Sly uses all REAL action film stars. For me – it was cool seeing Lou Ferrigno…I watched him as THE INCREDIBLE HULK as a kid. Rutger Hauer is always good. NOW…for the Ellen Hollman. HOLY CRAP BALLS. I’m in love. (lol)

Ellen Hollman in Maxim

It’s been decided – to find more of her movies. (lol) Not going to lie – she got me through THE SCORPION KING 4: QUEST FOR POWER. Loved the hot girl fight – watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. (lol)

:( It didn’t keep my full attention. There were times I almost dozed off. I wish the killings would have been better. I know it’s PG-13 but come on. The fight scenes were ahhhhh. Kind of cheesy at parts. The whole time I was watching it – I was thinking, “I could soooo see this on the Syfy Channel. (lol)

I give THE SCORPION KING 4: QUEST FOR POWER… 2 out of 5 popcorns. Not a terrible movie…but….yeah. BUT. The funny thing is…no matter how many of these movie’s they make – I’ll always watch them. THE SCORPION KING 5? I’m so down. (lol)

Get On Up MOVIE FANS!! I finally did it. I finally finished watching GET ON UP starring the incredible Chadwick Boseman. I know, I know…I’m late with this one but…it’s been a little crazy in the Mike household. (lol)

GET ON UP is the James Brown story. It’s a ‘movie’ not a documentary – that gives you a look inside THE GODFATHER OF SOUL’S music…his drama…his ups…his downs…everything. It stars a pretty sweet cast – Viola Davis, Nelsan Ellis, Dan Aykroyd and more!

My thoughts on GET ON UP

:) GREAT FREAKING MOVIE! The soundtrack is awesome. His story is nuts – starting from his early childhood to his unfortunate death. James Brown was and STILL is the man. Now lets talk about Chadwick Boseman – you might remember him from 42. This dude was amazing. His sang, danced and looked like James Brown. The training he had to go through…HIGH 5 TO THIS DUDE. Be sure to watch the Blu-ray exclusives and Bonus features – good stuff there. It’s crazy on how this movie got made.

:( No complaints movie fans. NONE at all.

I give GET ON UP… 5 out of 5 popcorns. It’s definitely worth the watch.

Oh…have some tissue by your side. (lol)

1925199_762347040505237_5252030499285440416_n Liam Neeson’s A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD today! I watched it yesterday with my son and we LIKED it!

Liam Neeson plays Matt Scudder – an ex-NYPD cop. For ‘certain’ reasons – he’s become an unlicensed private investigator. One night…he’s asked to meet this dude for a possible job – while talking to the dude – he soon realizes that his possible client is a drug trafficker (Dan Stevens)…BUT does that stop Matt? NOPE! There’s money to be made and…well…there’s a tape…and don’t even ask…I’m not going to tell you what’s on the tape – you have to watch the movie. BYAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I will tell you about the case though – – the drug trafficker’s wife has been kidnapped and brutally murdered. You guessed it…drug trafficker wants revenge. While Matt’s doing is P.I. work – he soon finds out that these kidnapping killers have done this before. Let me tell ya folks – these are some sick and crazy killers.

A Walk Among the Tombstones My thoughts on A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES?!

:) Like I said earlier…I dug it. It’s a pretty sweet movie. It’s got a weird, creepy vibe to it. Ya’ll remember Nicolas Cage’s 8mm? It had that kind of feel to me. I thought the story was cool. Liam Neeson was great like always. It’s a good watch.

:( No complaints folks.

I give A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES… 3 out of 5 popcorns. It’s worth your time.

PredestinationIf the movie’s LOOPER and MINORITY REPORT got together to have a baby…PREDESTINATION would be that child! (lol) The movie stars Ethan Hawke (I’m a fan), Sarah Snook (pretty new to me) and Noah Taylor (I’m a fan).

It’s about a time traveling cop (Temporal Agent) played by Hawke who’s job is to stop bad things from happening…before they actually happen. Sounds like a tough job, right? Well…throw in an evil ‘bomber’ bad guy and well…his job just got even harder.

One night in a bar…bartender (Hawke) meets a dude named John (Snook) – I know…sounds confusing. (lol) They chat some…bout work…women…relationships and then…John decides to make a bet. If his life story can blow the bartending, time traveling, Temporal Agent’s mind. John wins a full bottle of Scotch.


And BOOM! That’s where I stop movie fans. See. If I go any further – – I could ruin the movie for ya. I’m not that guy. (lol)

So. My thoughts on PREDESTINATION?

:) All of the freaking HOLY CRAP moments. I think my mouth must have dropped open like 4 or 5 times. While watching it – I enjoyed the roller coaster feelings I got. The first hour – I was like, “Damnnnn. This poor girl.” Then – I was pissed at these freaking doctors. Then – the last 40 minutes. WHOA. It’s pretty nuts. I like movies where I’m like, “Ohhhh you got me there.”

:( The first 8 minutes. I was confused in the first 8 minutes and thought to myself, “WTF am I watching?” BUT…that wasn’t the case. Just a minute or two after that and I was back on track. So just be patient when you watch this. (lol) Other than that – no complaints here.

- – – – – -

I give PREDESTINATION… 3 1/2 out of 5 popcorns. I think it’s worth the watch. Especially if you’re into movie’s like LOOPER and MINORITY REPORT. But hold on…PREDESTINATION doesn’t have the action like these two movie’s do. It’s a different kind of movie – It’s the whole time traveling thing and the drama that comes with it. WAIT! I got it. It’s a ‘think’ movie. Remember INCEPTION? It’s like that. You MUST pay attention. NO pee breaks – if you get up at the wrong time – – you could loose yourself. (lol)

- – – – – – – – -

For all my HOUSTON folks…PREDESTINATION is opening this Friday, January 9th at AMC Studio 30 and Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park….for everyone else…might wanna Google it. :)

Of Dice and Men

Few dungeon masters can make the game come to life better than John Francis. Dwarves, Mages and Barbarians jump right off of their character sheets whenever he sits down at the gaming table of frisky suburbanite parents, Linda and Brandon. John Francis’ best friends, sailor-mouthed John Alex and thoughtful jock Jason, bring roguish swagger and knightly nobility to the game. And the object of John Francis’ affection, the feisty Tara, provides all the Half Elven Double Princess backstory they could ever need.

But when Jason enlists to go to Iraq and with the relationship with Tara going nowhere, it may be time for John Francis to hang up his twenty sided dice and take a job on the other side of the country. However, John Francis is about to discover that leaving will prove tougher than the Tomb of Horrors.

I FINALLY made the time to watch a few of my screeners. YES. I said a few. The thing is…having a baby…takes a lot of your time. My ‘movie’ watching has come to a slight stand still in my life!! (lol)

But on this Thursday…it was decided to get my butt in gear…instead of sleeping in after Maddox’s morning feeding. I watched. OF DICE AND MEN.

What did I think of it?! I REALLY liked it. I really did. I loved the whole story. It took me back to my Dungeons and Dragons days as a ‘younger’ Mike…now those were the days…and YES. I played Dungeons and Dragons!!

Of Dice and MenNow back to my review. I thought the OF DICE AND MEN cast was dope. While watching it…it kind of reminded me of the movie CLERKS…the way everyone spoke to each other. It had that kind of humor and feel to it. I loved Linda. I thought she was hilarious. Brandon her husband – I actually knew a guy like that. He didn’t care about D&D…but he still played. Oh the good ole days. (lol) The end creature fight…I thought it was creative and funny. It had a little Cosplay to it. Loved the Spango drawings – those were hilarious. I liked the comedy side and reminder of my D&D days…but believe it or not – OF DICE AND MEN tugged on my emotions. I’m not going to lie – I got a little teary eyed. DAMNNNN YOUUUUUUU!! Brandon’s little wife speech on why he plays and Spango’s speech for taking the potion. DAMMMNNNNNN YOOOUUUUUU!!! Overall…OF DICE AND MEN is a nicely packaged flick.

I give OF DICE AND MEN…4 out of 5 popcorns! If you’re into role playing games, Comic-con, Cosplay, D&D, comic book stores and even watched Dungeons and Dragons on Saturday morning’s. You should give this a try!!

- – – – – – -

OF DICE AND MEN – Facebook Page

OF DICE AND MEN – Twitter Page



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