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If you’re from tha H or just know about and respect what we do… then you’ll appreciate what today is to me and my city! Happy June 27th! Here’s the full June 27th Freestyle, click on the videos and enjoy! RIP Dj Screw

Live Life Off The Wall

MJ Farewell


*       Today is the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Last year, when news broke that the
King of Pop had died, many people made statements about Jackson’s extraordinary life, including President Barack Obama and mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Musician Sheryl Crow also had glowing things to say about the entertainer. However, when we caught up with Joan Rivers this week, she told us she thinks all the tributes to the musician are getting out of hand.  <AZ>

*       JACKSON ESTATE ON LOCKDOWN! The Jackson compound where Katherine Jackson, Michael’s children and other Jackson family members reside is on lockdown today for the anniversary of Michael’s death. According to TMZ,
some 30 to 40 police officers are patrolling the grounds and the surrounding areas, on guard for rabid Jackson fans trying to trespass on the grounds. They’ve also banned people from selling merchandise near the house. <AZ>


*       Around 7 PM on Wednesday June 24th, 2009, Michael Jackson left his mansion and headed toward the Staples Center, where he rehearsed for his This Is It tour.

*       He returned home sometime after midnight on Thursday, June 25th intent on getting sleep.

*       At 1:30 AM, Dr. Conrad Murray gave the fatigued MJ a 10-milligram Valium tablet, which had no effect on the singer.

*       At about 2 AM, Dr. Conrad Murray gave Jackson two-milligrams of Lorazepam through a saline drip. Still, MJ was unable to sleep.

*       At 3 AM, Dr. Conrad Murray gave the King of Pop a two-milligram dose of Midazolam, yet another sedative, but that was also ineffective in helping the star sleep.

*       At 5 AM, Jackson was given another two-milligrams of Lorazepam by Murray.

*       By 7:30 AM, Jackson was still awake so Dr. Conrad Murray administered two more milligrams of Midazolam.

*       Around 10:40 AM, MJ demanded a drug called Propofol and Dr. Murray obliged, giving Michael 25 milligrams of the drug that ended up killing him.

*       At about 10:52 AM, Dr. Murray returned from the restroom to find that Michael Jackson was not breathing.

*       Between 11:18 and 11:15 AM, phone logs show that the doctor made three phone calls. One to his Las Vegas clinic, one to a patient and one to a friend.

*       At 12:13 PM, Murray called Jackson’s personal assistant and left a message asking the assistant to call him as soon as possible. Sometime later, the paramedics were called.

*       It was at 12:27 PM on Thursday when the paramedics arrived at the scene.

*       At 12:29 PM, the paramedics stated that Michael Jackson was not breathing and had no pulse.

*       Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 2:26 p.m.

Facts about Michael Jackson compiled from a story by the Associated Press


*       On Larry King Live, Lady Gaga revealed that she was asked to open for Michael Jackson on his This Is It tour and that if the gigs had happened, they may have even done a duet on stage together.

*       Slash revealed that he wanted Jackson to lend his voice to his upcoming solo album.

*       Leona Lewis tweeted after watching This Is It on DVD that she was “so inspired” and that it got her “geared up” for her own tour.

Facts about Michael Jackson compiled with the help of


25 songs will soon be inducted into the Library of Congress’ Recording
Registry. Rolling Stone reports that “Dear Mama” by Tupac, Loretta Lynn’s
Coal Miner’s Daughter and more will all be added to the registry. Recordings
must be at least a decade old to be considered for the honor. “Dear Mama” is
the third-ever hip-hop track to make the collection. <SH>


We’ve just learned Jay-Z and Eminem have added two new dates for their
much-anticipated Home And Home Tour. The rap superstars have never shared
the same stage before and will only perform in their respective hometowns of
New York City and Detroit. Fans can score passes when tickets go on sale
tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM local time via In addition, be
sure to catch Hova and Slim Shady on the Late Show with David Letterman
tomorrow at 11:35 PM Eastern on CBS.


September 2nd – Detroit, Michigan – Comerica Park

September 3rd – Detroit, Michigan – Comerica Park

September 13th – New York, New York – Yankee Stadium

September 14th – New York, New York – Yankee Stadium


Based on the line-up for the 2010 BET Awards, the ceremony will be one that
you don’t want to miss. Viewers will get to see the legendary Prince accept
this year’s BET Lifetime Achievement Award – which previously went to the
likes of Chaka Kahn and Whitney Houston. In addition, John Legend will
receive the BET Humanitarian Award for his unrelenting “work to end poverty
through education.” The 2010 BET Awards will also include performances from
Eminem, Alicia Keys, Usher, Drake, Kanye West, T-Pain, Trey Songz, Nicki
Minaj, T.I. and Diddy/Dirty Money. Hosted by Queen Latifah, the event will
broadcast live from Los Angeles this Sunday at 8 PM Eastern. <WM>

*       To view a complete list of nominees, please visit


There’s no mistaking the fact that Michael Jackson was the best to ever do
it. Pharrell Williams weighed in on what the legend meant to show business.

“One of the greatest entertainers of all time, there’s no way to
measure that. Unreal and unmatchable because he did it at a time where
technology, he was ahead of technology, he was doing things that sort of set
the standard for the way we do things today. You know, we all measure our
star next to his, which is more like a sun.”

The N.E.R.D. frontman was fortunate enough to meet the pop icon.

“You know that guy went through so much and so his only time to
really be free was to go let it out on stage. So you got to see vigor in
it’s purest form, so of course I nod to that dude. He’s the best. The times
that I got to meet him and we got to hang out and talk a little bit, I am
thankful for every episode. And he’s a funny guy too. He’s like super, super
duper funny.”

Jackson’s childhood hometown of Gary, Indiana will pay tribute to the pop
legend. For the one-year anniversary of his death, Katherine Jackson will be
among the people in Gary honoring her son with speeches, performances and a
candlelight vigil. <WM>


Bruno Mars has a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that Michael
Jackson is gone. The singer on the hook of B.o.B’s “Nothing On You” and
Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire stated:

“I still don’t believe it and he’s the type of dude that I just
don’t think will ever go away. He’s the best. No one has done it better, no
one has better songs, no one can dance like him, no one can put on a show,
no one can create controversies. Everything he did was freakishly flawless
when it came to music.”

The Hawaiian native feels everyone wants to be the next MJ.

“And I think as songwriters and producers and artists, you always
got Michael Jackson on your mind. That’s who you want to compete with, you
want to chase that. Knowing that will never happen but that’s your idol. You
want to write a song like that, any song, you can pick a song. I think he
just, he lives forever. I’ve been watching him since I was a baby. It’s hard
for me to know that wow, he’s not here.”

Tune in to CBS News’ The Early Show today to see more celebrities like
Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J and Smokey Robinson pay tribute
to the King of Pop. <WM>

ICE CUBE DELAYS UPCOMING I AM WEST ALBUM has learned Ice Cube’s upcoming album, titled I Am West, will no
longer arrive in stores this summer. Die-hard fans will have to wait until
September 24th to add the disc to their collections. The effort, which
includes production from Dr Dre, marks the rap legend’s ninth studio LP.
Download the lead single, “I Rep That West,” on iTunes today. <WM>


Nicki Minaj told Interview magazine that she’s made a “conscious decision to
try to tone down the sexiness.” The leading lady of Young Money explained
she “wants people-especially young girls-to know that in life, nothing is
going to be based on sex appeal. You’ve got to have something else to go
with that.” The rapper is currently working on her yet-to-be-titled debut
album. Download her second single, “Your Love,” on iTunes now. <WM>


TMZ reports Nas is struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments for the
home where his ex-wife, Kelis, currently resides. The rapper reportedly owes
nearly 53-thousand on the property. His lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has
come up with an installment plan where Nas will fork over double the
78-hundred dollar mortgage until he’s caught up.  The emcee is looking to
sell the home immediately. <WM>

THE DREAM READIES NEW REALITY SERIES? caught up with The Dream to find out more about the new
projects he’s working on. In addition to promoting his upcoming Love King
album, the hitmaker is eying a reality show. While he couldn’t go into
details, the singer said fans should expect to see “more depth and more
honesty.” Christina Milian’s husband is also recording songs for Rihanna,
Beyonce, Ciara and newcomer Kasha. Love King drops Tuesday! <WM>


Everybody has an opinion about Drake’s Thank Me Later album. Some thought
the disc was amazing and others wanted less singing, however Bun B told us:

“The album’s incredible. I think the album shows a fuller range of
his talent, as far as performing and song writing. I think a lot of people
were just trying to pigeon hole him into more of a rapping type of thing. He
could have done that easily. He could have turned that album in in a week if
that was the case, but there was a lot of things artistically that he wanted
to try do and there was a lot of things that he wanted to see that he could
pull off and he had the opportunity to work with some of the best people
doing music. Not just rap music but music period. And he took a lot of
chances and I think it paid off.”

Thank Me Later is available now. <WM>


Soulja Boy is only getting warmed up in the video for his first single,
“Pretty Boy Swag.” reports the clip only took a week to make
which must have left the “Turn My Swag On” rapper with a lot of extra time.
He’s apparently putting the finishing touches on his third project,
tentatively titled Dre.  Be on the lookout for Dre, which will hit stores in
the coming months. <WM>


Known for speaking his mind, a frustrated Beanie Sigel spoke on his issues
with Drake, Jay-Z and Memphis Bleek. The rapper warns that he’ll “smack the
s**t out of Drake’s bitch ass” for allowing him to let Hova spit subliminal
at Beanz on “Light Up.” Watch the clip on YouTube now!


T-Pain may have told MTV News that he’s going on strike until album sales
pick up, but the Auto-tune star is still performing. Concertgoers can expect
the singer to take stage at Los Angeles’ Club Nokia on Wednesday, August
25th. General admission tickets for the Club Nokia show go on sale today at
10 AM. If you buy in advance, passes will only cost 39.50. Visit for more info. <WM>


According to, Ryan Leslie has split ways with his longtime
label home of Universal Records. After releasing two albums with the
company, R Lez is looking to go independent and release his third album,
titled Les is More, next year. <WM>


Dr Dre and Timbaland made an unexpected appearance at a Culver City High
School graduation party. The mega producer introduced Timbo, who later
performed fan favorites including “The Way I Are,” “Promiscuous Girl,”
“Carry Out” and “Say Something” in the school’s gym. Visit to
learn more. <WM>


According to TMZ, Mariah Carey is facing a lawsuit for unpaid veterinarian
bills. The singer reportedly owes over 38-thousand dollars for services
provided to her three Jack Russell terriers. Dr. Cindy Bressler claims the
pets were groomed and fed while Mi Mi shot her latest film, Precious, in Los
Angeles. The singer is yet to respond to the allegations. <WM>


According to TMZ, had over 10-thousand dollars of stuff stolen
from his car in the Hollywood Hills on Monday night.  The Black Eyed Peas
frontman called police to file a report after he discovered his items
missing from his Bentley, including jewelry and other personal items.
Police have already recovered some of the items, but the crooks are still at
large.  <JC>


Lady Gaga graces the cover of the current Rolling Stone magazine.  In her
interview in the issue, she talks about a recurring dream she has where
there’s a phantom in her home.  This phantom takes Gaga into a room and
leads her to a blonde girl with robes tied to all four of her limbs.  The
ropes start pulling the girl but she never gets ripped apart.  The phantom
says, “If you want me to stop hurting her and if you want your family to be
okay, you will cut your wrist.”  Gaga goes on to say she is confused by her
dream and turned to other sources to find out its meaning. She looked it up
and found out that it is an old illuminati ritual.  She even consulted her
good friend and mentor Deepak Chopra about these dreams and he was able to
ease her fears.  Gaga admits that her dreams and nightmares inspire her
eccentric stage shows. <JC>


Katy Perry remains perched at the summit of the Billboard Hot 100 for a
third consecutive week with “California Gurls.”  Usher’s “OMG” featuring, holds at number two,  “Airplanes” by B.o.B. featuring Hayley
Williams stands at number three, and “Billionaire” by Travie McCoy featuring
Bruno Mars stays at number four.  Drake’s “Find Your Love” jumps five spots
to number five.  <JC>

At the ARC Umbro World Champions Courtyard

Extra #2

‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Hollywood Premiere Brings Out The Stars

For those of you who missed it last night. Here is a glimpse of what happened in hollywood at “The Twilight Saga: ELIPSE’ Premiere.Taylor Lautner Excited About His New Movie ‘Abduction’ . For more clips of the stars of Eclipse head on to and check out the interviews from the Red Carpet.

KRISTEN STEWART TALKS ECLIPSE! -Kristen Stewart is so hot right now,
with the latest Twilight film Eclipse hitting theatres this coming
Wednesday. When we caught up with the 20-year-old actress, she told us about
her future goals . Check out Kristen as “Bella” in The
Twilight Saga: Eclipse when it hits theaters June 30th. <AZ>

PATTINSON RELATED TO DRACULA! Twilight star Robert Pattinson may be
related to the 15th century Transylvania leader Vlad Dracula who inspired
the fictional character “Dracula” in Bram Stoker’s book. According to E!
Online, a genealogist has traced Pattinson’s heritage and the British actor
has ties to Dracula. <AZ>

JESSE JAMES AND SANDRA BULLOCK ARE SPEAKING! According to an Us Weekly source, Jesse James and Sandra Bullock are on speaking terms again and Jesse asked Sandra if it was okay that he and his family relocate to
Austin, Texas. This is the first positive news about the pair since news broke in March that James had alleged cheated on Bullock while she was filming a movie.  <AZ>

Jake Pavelka

decided to end his engagement to Vienna Girardi over the phone after being
hired to play a role in the hit television show, Drop Dead Diva. Jake told
People magazine that the breakup was fueled by arguments the couple had
while he was preparing for his television role and because the pair already
had some trust issues.  <AZ>

Jill Biden

VICE PRESIDENT’S ARMY WIFE! Vice President Joe Biden’s wife is going
to be a guest star on the Lifetime series Army Wives. According to the
Associated Press, Jill Biden will be on an episode of the show to highlight
the things men and women in the military do for our country. <AZ>

LOHAN’S ASSISTANT TO TALK?Lindsay Lohan’s former assistant is being offered big bucks to talk about her former employer. According to the New York Post, the former assistant has so far turned down all the offers she’s been getting, even though some of them are in the five figure range. <AZ>

JOAN RIVERS: A PIECE OF WORK! We caught up with legendary comedian
Joan Rivers this week to talk about the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of
Work, which, surprise, surprise, is all about her. She wanted to make sure
the film was not a feel-good fluff piece Head over to to get
locations and show times for Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. <AZ>

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin

KIM KARDASHIAN’S NEW MAN! -Kim Kardashian has moved from one football
star to another. According to People, the reality star is totally over
Reggie Bush and has moved on to Dallas Cowboys wide received Miles Austin.
The pair met in L-A a few months ago and are now dating. <AZ>

Scott Hamilton

BRAIN SURGERY! Olympic skater Scott Hamilton underwent brain surgery
this past week to remove a benign tumor that has been growing since 2004.
Hamilton is currently recovering from the removal process. Check out for more. <AZ>

LONGEST TENNIS MATCH IN HISTORY! American tennis player John Isner
beat out Frenchman Nicolas Mahut to win the longest-ever recorded tennis
match. The pair slugged it out for an 11-plus hour match at Wimbledon, which
was separated out into three days. Check out for more. <AZ>

FANS CAN CAST THEIR VOTES FOR THE ESPYS! Fans can now vote for their
favorite athletes to be honored at the 2010 ESPY Awards. Voting is now in
session for the sports men and women you think should get nods at this
year’s award show. Tune in to ESPN tonight to see the half-hour nomination
special on at 8 PM Eastern. Make sure to get your opinions in by July 10th
at 11:59 PM and catch the 2010 ESPYs live on ESPN on July 14th at 9 PM
. <AZ>

The Nooner posted by Kepi


Now that Drake’s Thank Me Later sales are in, a lot of people are wondering
what Eminem’s Recovery disc will do. According to, Slim
Shady is on pace to debut with first-week sales of 590 to 615-thousand. If
these numbers are accurate, the rap legend will easily claim number one spot
on the Billboard 200 and score the highest sales of the year. Em’s last
project, Relapse, opened with 608-thousand copies sold in seven days. Next
Wednesday, we’ll see if the rapper can outdo himself. <WM>


Drake attracted the masses when he released his Thank Me Later album. The
much-hyped disc claimed the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart with
over 447-thousand units sold in its opening week. According to Nielsen
SoundScan, the disc is the third highest debut this year. In February, Sade
raked in 502-thousand for Soldier Of Love and Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now
recently opened with 481k. From a solo standpoint, Drizzy earned the second
highest debut behind Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed a Dream – which sold
701-thousand copies. Be sure to pick up Thank Me Later today! <WM>

*       If you missed MTV’s Better Than Good Enough documentary on Drake,
head over to to get a deeper look into the rap star’s busy


Drake first gained attention with his role as “Jimmy Brooks” on the show
Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Since his start in 2006, Drake has released three mixtapes, Room for
Improvement, Comeback Season and So Far Gone. His album, Thank Me Later, was
released on June 15th 2010.

2007 was a big year for Drake as he was the first unsigned Canadian rapper
to have a video played on BET.

Drake has starred in two films, Charlie Bartlett and Mookie’s Law. You can
also catch him in the made for TV flick, Degrassi Spring Break Movie.

In 2010, Drake won two Juno Awards, one for Best New Artist, the other for
Rap Recording of the Year.

Drake was also nominated for two GRAMMYs in 2010 for Best Rap Song and Best
Rap Solo Performance.

Drake has worked with artists such as Young Money, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Trey
Songz and Mary J. Blige. Drake has also written music for Jazz Cartier,
Bishop Brigante and Dr. Dre.

Due to his start in television, many dub him as the new “Fresh Prince,”
after Will Smith.

Facts about Drake compiled with the help of,,,


According to, Jay-Z will reportedly be called to testify in
the Freeway Ricky Ross lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross. Why? Well, Hova was
the person who signed the emcee to Def Jam back in 2006. The Freeway Ricky
Ross, an ex-drug king, sued for trademark infringement and requested a
permanent injunction to keep the Miami rapper’ from dropping his upcoming
Teflon Don album. The convict also wants half the money made from the
unauthorized use of his name. <WM>

*       Rapper Rick Ross is pushing ahead with promoting the album despite
the lawsuit. He tweeted a picture of himself in the studio with Kanye West
and wrote: “Certain levels of magic cannot be explained, only heard or felt.
Teflon Don [coming] July 20th.”


Bun B can’t believe the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is
tomorrow. The rapper reflected on the icon’s influence in music:

“It seems like only yesterday that we even found out that Michael
Jackson even passed away and I think for a lot of people, I mean, I think
they know that he’s dead but I don’t think it really registers with us
because of how great he was and how alive he was and how much of what is
done today has him in it.”

The UGK member says MJ affected all genres of music.

“I mean, R&B, country, rap, alternative rock, it doesn’t matter
when people get up on stage and try to present themselves in a grand manner,
everybody at some point and time steals something from Michael Jackson. It’s
almost unavoidable. If you’re a female artist and you’re trying to present
yourself in a magic way, at some point somebody is going to take something
from Janet Jackson, it’s unavoidable.”

The King Of Pop was buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery. TMZ reports mourning
fans can enter the cemetery tomorrow but they will not be allowed into the
mausoleum where MJ’s body lies. <WM>


After listening to B.o.B.’s debut album, The Adevntures Of Bobby Ray, it’s
hard to label his genre of music. Intentionally teaming with artists from
Rivers Como to T.I., the rising rap star told us he never wants to be put
into a box.

“I feel like as a hip-hop artist it would be more likely for me to
work with Lupe or Janelle Monae or T.I., but then when you go, you like
crossing to like punk rock world, or rock world, and pop rock, it’s like
woah and that’s what I love.”

B.o.B is currently on a promotional tour for The Adventures Of Bobby Ray.
Visit to see when he’ll be in your city. <WM>


Ciara’s upcoming Basic Instinct album will arrive this summer after all.
According to, Ci Ci’s disc is slated for an August 10th release.
The record, which will be executive produced by The Dream and Tricky
Stewart, will go up against fellow R&B singer Fantasia’s Back to Me effort.


In case you missed it, The Roots have released the new video from for “Dear
God 2.0.” The track is the second single from the group’s much-anticipated
ninth studio album, How I Got Over. Be sure to grab your copy today! Visit
the band’s official fansite to watch “Dear God 2.0.” now. <WM>


The band formed in 1987 under the name The Square Roots.

Do You Want More?!!!??! was the Roots’ first studio album, released in early
1995. It gained little recognition from hip hop fans, but managed to get
attention in the alternative scene.

In 1999, The Roots won the GRAMMY for Best Rap Performance. Since then, they
have been nominated five other times.

The Roots backed Jay-Z for his 2001 album, Jay-Z Unplugged.

In 2003, Rolling Stone Magazine named them one of the “twenty greatest live
acts in the world.”

On July 1st, 2010, The Roots will be hitting the stage in Wisconsin at the
Milwaukee Summerfest, an eleven day event. Cage the Elephant, Neon Trees,
Pitbull, Weird Al Yankovic and Joan Jett are just a few of the artists
joining the band at the event.

All the current members of The Roots are active participants of the group

Facts about The Roots compiled with the help of,,,,


While telling us about the First Annual Kidult Youth Leadership Conference
this weekend, Pharrell Williams opened up about new music projects. The
hitmaker spoke about the direction of N.E.R.D’s Nothing album.

“The N.E.R.D album is basically a sign of the times. One journalist
said it is a socially love oriented album, incredibly colorful. And we just
wanted to give people, not necessarily a departure, that’s not the right
word, but just say hey this is what we see going on. And so it basically
talks about the ills of the world like the oil spill down to the iPad. The
great new things about being a human being.”

Fans can expect Nothing in stores September 7th. You can check out the video
for “Hot N Fun” featuring singer Nelly Furtado via now. <WM>


Mos Def will expand his acting resume by starring in an upcoming HBO comedy
series called Enlightened. reports the rapper-turned-actor will
portray the boss of a “self-destructive woman who has a spiritual awakening
and decides to change her life.” No word on when the show will premiere,
we’ll keep you posted! <WM>


While it will be some time until we hear Game’s long-delayed R.E.D Album, has posted a new song from the rapper’s disc. Robin Thicke lends
his vocal talents on the hook for a track called “Phantom” – the crooner
even spits a few verses! R.E.D Album lands on August 24th. Head over to for your first listen. The collaboration marks the second time
the artists have worked together – they previously created a record called
“Diamonds” off the singer’s Sex Therapy album. <WM>

Click HERE to check out “Phantom”!


This year’s lineup for the 7th Annual Rock the Bells Music Festival is one
you won’t want to miss. Artists like Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called
Quest, Lauryn Hill and more are expected to perform songs off their hit
albums from front to back. We want to remind you that tickets are on sale
now and extra special VIP packages are also available. If you’re really
ballin, you can rent your own cabana for five-thousand dollars. Visit to score passes today! <WM>

Rock the Bells: Summer Tour Dates

August 21st – Los Angeles, California

August 22nd – San Francisco, California

August 28th – Washington, District of Columbia

August 29th – Washington, District of Columbia


During a recent interview with FOX, Swizz Beatz says he wants to keep the
birthdate and sex of his baby with Alicia Keys “a secret.” The hitmaker
explained that he “wants to just wait” and let it be a surprise. The
recently engaged couple is expecting their first child together. The singer
is five months pregnant. <WM>


Jennifer Hudson’s story will be told in an upcoming episode of Vh1’s Behind
The Music. The singer says she would describe her life as “bittersweet” and
wouldn’t change anything that’s happed to her “for the world.” Fans can
learn more about J-Hud when Behind The Music airs Monday, Monday at 9 PM
Eastern on Vh1. <WM>

CHUCK D RELEASES ANTI-ARIZONA SONG reports Chuck D from Public Enemy has released a new song
called “Tear Down That Wall,” where he takes aim at the state of Arizona.
The emcee calls out AZ for its immigration laws and even compares the
governor to Adolph Hitler! The rap legend is encouraging all artists and
entertainers to “refuse to work in Arizona until officials not only overturn
this bill, but recognize the human rights of immigrants.<WM>


Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” featuring Snoop Dogg is once again the top
downloaded song on iTunes this week.  B.o.B’s “Airplanes” featuring Hayley
Williams is at number two, followed by Usher’s “OMG” featuring and
Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” featuring Bruno Mars.  Drake’s Thank Me Later
is the number one album, followed by Eminem’s Recovery, Laws of Illusion by
Sarah McLachlan and Jack Johnson’s To The Sea.  <JC>


In a story published earlier this week in British tabloid The Sun, the
newspaper reported that Lady Gaga has reached out to Gunther von Hagens, a
controversial anatomist who invented a technique for preserving cadavers
called plastination and is responsible for the popular traveling exhibition
Body Worlds.  The Sun quoted “a friend” of Gaga as saying “she is fascinated
by Gunther’s work and life…  and is keen to have some Body Worlds element
in one of her shows.”  The source went on to say that Gaga is aiming to
incorporate von Hagens’ work into her tour by the time it gets to Las Vegas,
which doesn’t happen until March of 2011. <JC>

*       STATEMENT: In a statement to MTV News on Wednesday, von Hagens said
he would “offer no comments on conversations that have already taken place
with the singer or her representatives,” but added that he “welcomes the
opportunity” to work with Gaga.  A rep for Gaga’s label had not responded to
MTV News’ request for comment on the story at press time.


Solange Knowles is gearing up to celebrate her 24th birthday tonight. Last
Saturday, Beyonce’s little sister was spotted enjoying her new DJ-ing hobby
at a party in the Philly area. Will Solo hit the turntable tonight? Follow
the singer on Twitter to find out what she’s getting into on her born day!

*       Tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. Last year, when news broke that the King of Pop had died, many people made statements about Jackson’s extraordinary life including President Barack Obama and basketball player Kobe Bryant. Tune in to CBS News’ The Early Show tomorrow at 8 AM ET to see more celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J and Smokey Robinson pay tribute to the King of Pop.

*       LA TOYA AND BUBBLES! La Toya Jackson tried to make friends with
Michael Jackson’s former pet chimpanzee Bubbles earlier this week, but the
animal was not excited to see her. It was the first time La Toya had seen
the pet since 2004 and Bubbles either didn’t recognize her or was just not
willing to recognize La Toya. Head to TMZ to see video of the encounter.

*       BEVERLY HILLS JACKSON TRIBUTE! Katherine Jackson has given her
blessing to the Forever Michael tribute event taking place this Saturday in
Beverly Hills. In a video on YouTube, Michael’s mother thanks the tribute’s
organizer and says her son would be pleased with the celebration being put
together. Tickets for the Forever Michael festival are on sale now over at <AZ>

*       JACKSON INDIANA MEMORIAL! Tomorrow Gary, Indiana, Michael Jackson’s
childhood hometown, will pay tribute to the pop legend. On the one-year
anniversary of his death, Jackson’s mother will be among the people in Gary
honoring her son with speeches, performances and a candlelight vigil. Learn
more about the event and how to get discounts on airfare to Indiana over at <AZ>

Billy Burke

TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE PREMIERE! –Billy Burke plays“Bella’s” father “Charlie” in the Twilight Saga films, and the premiere for Twilight Saga: Eclipse takes place tonight in L-A. So when we caught up with Billy, we had to ask him what he’s expecting from tonight’s premiere . He also told us he’s a little anxious to see the full Eclipse film for the first time and he told us he’s now worried about seeing himself on the big screen . Check out tonight starting at 9:30 PM Eastern to see the live stream from the Eclipse red carpet and catch the movie in theaters on June 30th. <AZ>

COLEMAN HAD RESTRAINING ORDER! According to People magazine, Gary Coleman tried to get a restraining order against his ex-wife, Shannon Price, just three months before he died. According to the papers, Coleman accused Price of trespassing on his property while he was in the hospital recovering from heart surgery. Just three months later, Price was the person who made the decision to take Coleman off life support. <AZ>

RYAN SEACREAST’S NEW GIRL? According to People magazine, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Dancing With the Stars pro Julianne Hough (Pron: Huff) are in a relationship. A source told the outlet that the pair is perfect for each other and have been spending a lot of time together but for the moment, the duo is trying to keep their relationship quiet. <AZ>-Well I guess the CAT is out of the bag! 😉

The Situation Fist PuMPn' his way into fashion

THE SITUATION CLOTHING! Jersey Shore cast member The Situation is working on his own clothing line. According to the New York Post, the new line will be a “couture line of high-quality wearable art” and boy are we excited to see the threads. The new season of Jersey Shore premieres on MTV July 29th. For now, head to to buy Jersey Shore merchandise. <AZ> –Would YOu TRUST The Situation’s sense of Fashion?!…NOW that’s a SITUATION!

NICOLE RICHIE PROBATION! It’s no surprise if you forgot Nicole Richie was on probation for a 2006 DUI charge, because she herself seems to have forgotten it as well. The mother of two’s probation has been extended a year, since she’s been so focused on raising her kids, she’s forgotten to attend the number of alcohol education courses she was supposed to. Hit up TMZ for more. <AZ>

CELEB STALKER! A man has been charged with stalking Law & Order: Criminal Intent actress Kathryn Erbe. According to the Associated Press, a Philadelphia man is facing federal charges for allegedly stalking the actress who plays “Detective Alexandra Eames” on the show. Tune in to Oxygen at 8 PM tonight to see a classic episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. <AZ>

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy

HUDSON GOES PUBLIC WITH NEW GUY!Kate Hudson has gone public with the new guy in her life, Muse rocker Matt Bellamy. According to the New York Post, the actress and the musician were making out in a New York City restaurant and were holding hands. Hudson last dated New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. <AZ>

AMY POEHLER ON PARKS & REC! A pregnant Amy Poehler was on a red carpet recently and filled us in on how filming for the new season of Parks and Recreations is going . Poehler told us that her pregnant belly hasn’t been too much of a hindrance while shooting the three episodes and that they’ve found good ways to hide it on camera.

BABY CHRISTENING! Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady christened their six-month-old son Benjamin in California earlier this week. Brady is Catholic, and now his son Benjamin is as well. Bundchen and Tom married last year in a small ceremony and Brady has another son, three-year-old John, with actress Bridget Moynahan. Head to for more. <AZ>

Kenny Wormald

NEWCOMER FOR FOOTLOOSE! A newcomer to Hollywood is getting his big break in the remake of Footloose. Unknown actor Kenny Wormald has beat out everyone else to take on Kevin Bacon’s role in the remake. Zac Efron, Chace Crawford and other well-known actors were previously tied to the role. Hit up for more. <AZ>- Remember “DanceLife” on MTV ?! Check it out:

BABY NEWS! Save the Last Dance and The District actor Sean Patrick Thomas and his wife have just had their second child. The couple had a baby boy they named Luc Laurent Thomas and the seven-pound, eight-ounce child joins his baby sister, Lola Jolie, who is two years old. Learn more at <AZ> –

DJ ENVY PLUGS MTV SUCKER FREE DAILY! We caught up with DJ Envy to learn more about his new show on MTV called Sucker Free Daily. In addition to hosting Sucker Free Countdown, the People’s Champ will interview the hottest artists and play the best videos in hip hop . Be sure to catch the most-talked-about DJ in action when he hosts both Sucker Free Daily, which airs Monday through Thursday at 3 PM Eastern, and Sucker Free Countdown, each Sunday at 12 PM Eastern. <WM>

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