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Yump Daniels, formally known as Mann, is currently one of LA’s young emcees. Reaching unbelievable success with one of his classic singles, “Buzzin'” featuring 50 Cent. Yump Daniels is back with a new EP, Feel Triiip. A body of work, filled with “feel good music,” trippy beats and all self-produced. Inspired by sunny days in Los Angeles and his current Peacelife movement. Stream the project below and purchase it here. Let us know what you think!


Check out, New York’s native Yung Yizzo’s hit single “Chill” featuring Mo Stylez. Recently released and is now available on iTunes. With mixtape, They Doubted Me already out. Let us know what you think!


KRAMPUS, the upcoming film from Universal and Legendary Pictures, which hits theaters Friday, December 4, first scared up major heat on social media when its official trailer was released in late summer. And now, a time when many of us are scrambling to find the perfect Halloween costume, a look at some of the biggest trending topics of the year may provide some inspiration. Below are six costume ideas based on social media trending topics that are sure to make you the talk of the town this Halloween.

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DONALD TRUMP. Like him or not, the Donald is quite popular these days and will no doubt inspire a legion of wannabes.

Donald Trump

Source: Twitter – @ComplexMag

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POPE FRANCIS. The polemic and admired religious leader is among the year’s most popular and talked about figures, especially after his recent visit to the U.S.

Pope Francis

Source: Twitter – @ComplexMag

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KRAMPUS. What’s scarier than Santa’s long lost demonic sidekick that snatches kids away for being naughty? Inspired by the film of the same name due in theaters December 4, which is based on a Nordic legend featuring a half goat, half demon, horned Christmas monster, don’t miss your opportunity to scare the KRAMPUS out of everyone.


Source: Instagram – Legendary

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MINIONS. Having caused havoc at the box office this summer and soon available on DVD, we can never get enough of these silly, banana loving creatures.


Source: Twitter –

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STAR WARS. As fans anxiously await the theatrical release of The Force Awakens, this coming December 18, celebrate your favorite character and show that the force is with you.

Star Wars

Source: Twitter – @StarWars

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NEW YORK PIZZA RAT. It’s not a man. It’s not a plane. It’s a rat and he wants his fare share. This humble rodent captivated us all and lit up social media when a video of him carrying a huge slice of pizza down the stairs at a NYC subway was posted online.


Source: Twitter – @NewYorkPizzaRat



Upset about moving from a big city to a small town, teenager Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) finds a silver lining when he meets Hannah (Odeya Rush), living right next door, and makes a friend in Champ (Ryan Lee). But every silver lining has a cloud, and Zach’s comes when he learns that Hannah’s mysterious dad is in fact R.L. Stine (Jack Black), the author of the bestselling Goosebumps series. As Zach starts learning about the strange family next door, he soon discovers that Stine holds a dangerous secret: the creatures that his stories made famous are real, and Stine protects his readers by keeping them locked up in their books. When Stine’s creations are unintentionally released from their manuscripts it’s up to Zach, Hannah, Champ, and Stine to team up in a crazy night of adventure and get the creatures—including Slappy the Dummy—back in the books to save the town.

Everywhere I look – I see GOOSEBUMPS! I’m getting goosebumps every time I think of GOOSEBUMPS!! Who’s ready to see an early screening of GOOSEBUMPS?!

If you live in HOUSTON, DALLAS, SAN ANTONIO, PHOENIX, and MCALLEN…well…it just might be your lucky day!


07:30 PM

HOUSTON – Regal Houston Marq*E – CLICK

DALLAS – AMC Northpark 15 – CLICK

SAN ANTONIO – Santikos Palladium 19 – CLICK

PHOENIX (Glendale) – AMC Westgate 20 – CLICK

MCALLEN (Pharr) – Cinemark El Centro Mall 16 – CLICK

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THIS PROMOTION WILL END WHEN ALL OF THE PASSES ARE GONE. No one will be admitted late. Theatre and promoter are not responsible for overbooking. We may refuse, revoke or limit admission in our sole discretion at any time. Only a single entry per person. No purchase necessary. Only those over age 18 are eligible to participate and win. Only U.S. residents are eligible to enter. Entry does not guarantee movie passes. Please all rules on tickets.







Killa Kyleon releases yet another visual from his mixtape 30 Days, 30 Deaths.  He’s determined to drop a video for every flow.

Provided by Jesus of

Stand with Puerto Rico by signing this White House petition and sharing it on social media
White House Petition on Puerto Rico:
100,000 signatures are needed to force the White House to respond

Puerto Rico faces its worst economic crisis in more than a century due to a $72 billion debt burden that is unpayable. If Puerto Rico is unable to restructure its debts, the island will descend into an economic crisis that will wipeout savings, pensions and compromise its economic viability for generations to come.

President Obama must act decisively to help the 3.5 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico.
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Mike and Amy ( are back!! Today they review the latest Gotham episode. WHOA! What did you think of “The Last Laugh?”

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Sleepy Hollow

It’s a NEW season! Sleepy Hollow fans Mike and Amy got together tonight to review the premiere episode of #SleepyHollow. By the sound of it – they really didn’t think this felt like a ‘WOW’ premiere. Did ya’ll feel the same?
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