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The Raven DVD

@Jennyfly of and I watched another Netflix movie today…John Cusack’s THE RAVEN. We hope you enjoy our review…if we sound a little confused…we were. (lol)


In today’s show, @Jennyfly and I chat about The Walking Dead (spoilers), the Ocars, sex, movies, Megan Fox, Chris Brown, Harlem Shake, Kristen Stewart, Pitbull, Lindsay Lohan, music, Supernatural, DVD releases, and more.


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I hope you have a lot of counter space in your kitchen, or you can clear that table fast because its time to put that space to use!

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“Rihanna‘s controversial reunion with Chris Brown will end with him killing her — at least that’s the way the writers of “Law and Order: SVU” see it … based on last night’s explosive episode.

This had to be the easiest script the ‘SVU’ crew ever wrote … as it copied the Rihanna-Chris saga almost exactly — and simply changing the names to Micha and Caleb.

The first brutal domestic violence incident goes down as Micha (Rihanna) catches Caleb (Chris) hugging another woman, and says … “Caleb, I can’t leave you alone for 5 minutes without you getting trashy.”

Caleb (Chris) says “Who you steppin’ to?” — then yells, “Skinny ass whore!” … as he slams her head to the ground and punches her in the face.

Just like real life … Micha (Rihanna) refuses to testify against Caleb (Chris Brown). The ‘SVU’ detectives even say at one point, “They should go on a double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna.”

But the ending seemed to be ripped from a different scandal.

Caleb (Chris) and Micha (Rihanna) are having a romantic moment on a private yacht when she asks about a text message on his phone. Caleb (Chris) says, “Haven’t you learned to mind your own business?”

The next scene is a reporter at a memorial for Micha (Rihanna) … whose body was found in Bermuda … floating next to the yacht.

Shades of Natalie Wood?”

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What do you think??? Is this fair to Chris and Rihanna or does it not matter, sense their celebrity lives are in the public eye?

If you’re ever in town on a Tuesday night, the turn up is REAL, every week at Supperclub in Hollywood! Last night at Diddy’s party, Chris Brown debuted a new record featuring the homie Problem, in front of a star-studded crowd including Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Red Cafe and more.

Shout out to @SKEETV for this one and don’t forget to tune in MONDAYS, 5-7p PT on SKEE24/7, for the Crisco Kidd Block Party!

Afrojack crashes his new Ferrari, Rick Ross hires NYPD escort while in town and Lil Wayne responds to Pitbull’s diss track on Twitter and Pit responds back!

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