told People.com that Lindsay Lohan is very upset that she didn’t see her

family after being released from prison. The tabloid star was ordered to go

straight to rehab after serving 13 days of a 90 day sentence in a California

jail. Lohan is reportedly depressed that she had to head directly to rehab

and didn’t get a day to be with her family. However, Lindsay’s mother and

sister did get to visit her at the rehab center. <SH>

TYLER PLANS TO BE A JUDGE ON IDOL! Will Steven Tyler be a judge on

the upcoming season of American Idol? Possibly! The rocker spoke to

reporters outside of a concert afterparty in Las Vegas and he revealed that

his future plans include “recording an album and probably going to be a

judge on American Idol.” According to People magazine, when the Aerosmith

singer was asked further about his decision to join Idol, Steven stated,

“I’m doing it. What do you think? I’m doing it.” There’s been no

confirmation yet from the Idol camp but you can read more at People.com.


RUSSELL BRAND GETS INTO CAR ACCIDENT! After leaving the set of his

upcoming movie Arthur, Russell Brand reportedly got into a car accident.

NYPost.com has learned Katy Perry’s fiancé was hit by a truck and became

trapped inside the passenger seat of his new 238-thousand dollar

Lamborghini. The actor had to pull himself out of the driver’s side but only

suffered minor cuts and bruises. His vehicle endured six-thousand dollars

worth of damages. Bystanders stated that “the whole incident was pretty

terrifying” but he “refused to go to the E-R.” <WM>

GWYNETH TALKS NEW ROLE! In Gwyneth Paltrow’s upcoming movie Country Strong, she plays a country singer. Paltrow told us about asking country musician Faith Hill a bunch of questions for research. Faith’s husband, Tim McGraw, co-stars in Country Strong and you can see it in theaters December 22nd. <AZ>

CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE!Brad Peyton is the director of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. The flick marks his first time directing a major movie and he told us about breaking all the rules. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore features the voices of James Marsden, Nick Nolte and Christina Applegate and is in theaters now. <AZ>

LAW & ORDER IS OVER! Law & Order is gone and never coming back. There were rumors that the long-running series might move to another network after NBC cancelled it but producer Dick Wolf announced that the show “has moved into the history books.” Wolf told Variety that they “exhausted every effort” to get it back on the air but in the end, after 25 years at NBC, the show is over for good. However, soon, a new Law & Order series, Law & Order: Los Angeles, will be on the airwaves, starring the likes of Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard. <DB>

TYSON STARRED IN THE HANGOVER TO FEED DRUG HABIT!Mike Tyson’s role in The Hangover was pretty funny, but the reason he took the part in the movie isn’t. According to an interview Tyson did with ESPN Radio in Las Vegas, the boxer took the role to support his drug habit. Tyson said the tragic death of his four-year-old daughter was the turning point in his life when he decided to change his ways. <SH>

BRAZIL WANTS STALLONE TO PAY UP!Sylvester Stallone filmed part of his new action movie The Expendables in Brazil and it seems that he left the country without paying everyone who worked on the project. Brazilian magazine Veja reports that the Rocky star didn’t settle up with a number of Brazilian companies and their workers before he returned to the U-S, and allegedly owes upwards of two-million dollars. <ZS>

KHLOE KARDASHIAN TAX TROUBLES! According to TMZ.com, it seems that Khloe Kardashian’s tax troubles may finally be over. The reality star owed more than 18-thousand dollars in back taxes from 2007, which actually went unpaid due to a miscommunication with her accountant. She’s recently acquired a new accountant and has paid off the outstanding lien. <WM>

CHEF RAMSAY OWES BIG MONEY!Chef Gordon Ramsay could be in big trouble. According to DigitalSpy.com, the celebrity chef’s company allegedly owes the U-S government over two-million dollars in unpaid taxes. A spokesperson for Ramsay says that the debt has nothing to do with him personally. <ZS>

WHITE COLLAR! Sex and the City’s Willie Garson stars in the USA show White Collar. The second season of the crime comedy is in full swing and Willie told us he enjoys watching the episodes, even though he acted in them. Tune in to the USA network tonight at 9 PM Eastern to see White Collar. <AZ>

BRET MICHAELS TO HOST MISS UNIVERSE! This year’s Miss Universe Pageant will be hosted by Bret Michaels. Access Hollywood reports that the Poison singer will co-host the event alongside Today show anchor Natalie Morales. It all takes place on August 23rd, live from Las Vegas. <DB>

* The Miss Universe Organization is owned by Donald Trump. This year, Bret won Trump’s show, The Celebrity Apprentice.

DAWSON’S CREEK STAR IS MARRIED! – James Van Der Beek is married! The

Dawson’s Creek star wrote on his Twitter account that his girlfriend,

Kimberly Brook, did him “the honor” of becoming his wife over the weekend.

According to People.com, the couple is expecting a daughter this fall. Van

Der Beek finalized his divorce from former wife Heather Ann McComb earlier

this year. <ZS>

ANISTON IN COUGARTOWN? According to E Online, Jennifer Aniston could guest star on Courteney Cox’s show, Cougar Town. Executive Producer Bill Lawrence told E! that he would “kill to get Jennifer on the show.” He added that if it happens he will not keep it under wraps, saying he would “tell everyone in the world.” <JC>

FRIENDS AND DIRT: Aniston starred opposite Cox in Friends, which ran from 1994 to 2004, and in one steamy episode of Dirt in 2007, where the two shared a kiss.

CROWE TO PLAY COUNTRY SINGER!Russell Crowe will star as a country singer in a new movie directed by Phillip Noyce – the director of Salt. According to The Playlist, The film adaptation of the novel Dirt Music will center on a depressed country singer who has lost the ability to write or play music. Russell has written his own music for the film’s soundtrack, and the songs vary from country to folk. Phillip said, “I’m very impressed. I think he’s really going to surprise people.” No word on a release date yet.


CHANEL DOES MAXIM! In last night’s episode of Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy

Factory, Chanel allowed the cameras to follow her during her very first

Maxim photo shoot. The reality star, who’s known as the rapping

receptionist, told us how she felt posing in just a tiny bikini for the

magazine. The aspiring artist will appear on this

year’s Maxim Magazine’s Hot 100 list and will be featured in the upcoming

October issue. If you missed it, be sure to watch the show online at MTV.com

right now. <WM>


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