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Once again, your OFFICIAL Sat night spot with The Crisco Kidd Block Party is at RIZE (135 W. Palace Ave.) in Santa Fe! LADIES ARE ALWAYS FREE so fellas, you know the place is thick with the females! I missed last week, but now I’m back and reloaded, get there early to avoid the line but most importantly get there REAL early to enjoy dinner upstairs at KOI Asian Taps – food is ON POINT! See ya there!


Zac Efron takes a dramatic turn in the new movie Charlie St. Cloud.  He plays the lead character who is so overcome by grief at the death of his younger brother, that he takes a job as the caretaker of the cemetery where his brother is buried. “Charlie” and his brother had such a special bond that he can still see him and the two meet up every night to play catch and talk.  However, a girl comes into “Charlie’s” life and he must choose between keeping a promise he made to his younger brother or going after the girl he loves.  Efron was excited about taking a role in a dramatic film.

“The story is very different.  It’s not like anything I’ve done before.  It’s a bit more dramatic and a bit more serious, but a lot more adventurous, I think and real and emotional and that was incredibly exciting.”

Zac added that playing “Charlie” was a challenge. 

“It’s been fun stepping into ‘Charlie’s’ shoes and playing a guy who is down and out and kind of down on his luck.  He doesn’t have much to live for, he’s just kind of numb, that was interesting to me I tend to play characters who are more energetic full of life.”

Charlie St. Cloud also stars Ray Liotta, Kim Basinger and Amanda CrewIt opens in theaters this Friday.  <JC>


Dinner for Schmucks is the new comedy starring Steve Carell and Paul Rudd,
who last teamed up in the hit films Anchorman and The 40 Year-Old Virgin.
Rudd plays “Tim,” a rising executive who, in order to get ahead at work,
needs to bring the biggest schmuck to his boss’ monthly dinner party.  The
actor told us a little bit about his character.

“This character is a guy who is, deep down a decent guy, but has
his own insecurities about his life and really wants to get ahead.”

Carell plays “Barry,” the guy chosen by “Tim” to come to dinner.  The Office
star spoke about their characters’ relationship to each other.

“I think they make a good team.  I think they make a sort of
awkward team.  They’re a strange coupling of people, they’re not alike in
anyway…at least so we think at first.”

Dinner For Schmucks hits theaters this Friday.  <ZS>


Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore is the sequel to the 2001 flick Cats & Dogs. Bette Midler voices “Kitty Galore” in the film and gave props to first time director Brad Peyton for his work on this film.

“I couldn’t imagine how you did it, because he was working with live actors, he was working with animals and there’s nothing harder than working with animals.”

Midler went on to talk about how hard it is working with animals.

“I mean those animals really looked like what they knew they were doing, but honestly, they’re animals. Stay, stay, stay I mean, I’ve worked with animals before and it’s like, ‘Oh my God.’”

James Marsden, Katt Williams and Nick Nolte also lend their voices to Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, which is in theaters now. <


Ramona and Beezus is the family comedy starring Selena Gomez, John Corbett,
Ginnifer Goodwin and Sandra Oh. The movie is based on the Ramona books by
Beverly Cleary and Sandra talked with us the main character “Ramona.”

“‘Ramona’ is extremely spirited and doesn’t quite, as she
shouldn’t, understand all the things that are going on, but is deeply
affected by many things that you see in the script.”

Sandra went on to talk about all the things that “Ramona” must deal that are
mentioned in the script.

“Her parents, he dad, their relationship, her sister, pressures at
school, wanting to be good in class, all those things.”

Ramona and Beezus also stars Bridget Moynahan and Josh Duhamel and is in
theaters now. <AZ>

Also in Theaters this Friday, July 30th

Get Low starring Robert Duvall and Bill Murray (Limited)

The Extra Man starring Kevin Kline and Paul Dano (LA/NY)

The Concert starring Aleksei Guzkov and Melanie Laurent (LA/NY)

  • This SECTION right here is for all of my stay at home peeps…:)


Clash of the Titans starring Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton

Repo Men starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker

The City – Season 2

Sabrina the Teenage Witch – The Final Season

Dragon Ball Z - Season Five

Pawn Stars - Season Two

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LEO DROPS OUT OF MEL MOVIE!- Leonardo DiCaprio has withdrawn from the new film about Vikings set to be directed by Mel Gibson. MTV News is reporting that sources close to Leo say he will not be starring in the flick because “Leo has earned the right to pick and choose who he works with,” and he chooses not to work with Mel Gibson. Check out more over at <AZ>

kp: LEO is in great place right now…Since, the move INCEPTION has done so well in the box office. Plus, he’s had great reviews worldwide. I don’t think he really wants the negative wraft of Gibsons bad press to affect him in anyway. I believe unfortunately for Gibson that Leo’s decision is the best thing to do right now, professionally speaking. You know that any movie or project that Gibson might be involved with these days will just be placed under scrutiny.

LINDSAY LOHAN THERAPY! We spoke with Don Grant, director of admissions at the L-A rehabilitation facility, Harmony Place, all about rehab and what it’ll be like for Lindsay Lohan once she’s released from jail. Grant gave us his views on whether it’s better for Lindsay to go home before she does her 90 day rehab stint or if she should head straight to the facility. We’ll keep you updated on Lindsay’s progress throughout her transition from jail to rehab. <AZ>

MICHAEL’S SONG TO LINDSAY LOHAN! Lindsay Lohan’s estranged father, Michael Lohan, has written and produced a song for his daughter. Mr. Lohan got a friend to perform the tune he penned for his imprisoned daughter and lucky (or unlucky) for us, TMZ has posted the audio track on their website. Check out the overly synthesized, sappy track at now. <AZ>


CHRIS KLEIN STAYS IN REHAB! -Chris Klein is extending his time in rehab. Klein has been at the Cirque Lodge in Utah since June 21st and has announced he will stay longer than his 30-day treatment program. It’s unknown how much longer he will remain, but you can find more info at <AZ>

CHELSEA CLINTON’S WEDDING! -Chelsea Clinton is getting married tomorrow in Rhinebeck, New York and according to TMZ, so many important politically figures are expected to be there, including her parents, that a temporary “no fly zone” has been issued for the air space above her nuptials until 3:30 AM Sunday morning. Check out TMZ for more. <AZ>

NOTE: TMZ has previously reported that Clinton’s wedding is such a classy affair that they’re spending 15-thousand dollars on porta-potties alone.

OBAMA ON THE VIEW!- President Barack Obama appeared on The View this week and the ladies quizzed him about all things pop culture, as well as some political stuff. Obama did know that Lindsay Lohan was in jail, wouldn’t comment on Mel Gibson and admitted that he didn’t know who Jersey Shore cast member Snooki was. He also revealed that while Jay-Z and Frank Sinatra tunes are on his iPod, Justin Bieber’s music is not. Check out a clip from the president over at <AZ>

MICHAEL JACKSON DOCTORS IN THE CLEAR! Entertainment Tonight is reporting that seven doctors who treated pop star Michael Jackson will not face charges related to his death. Investigators have chosen not to press charges against the physicians, but they are still going ahead with the involuntary manslaughter charges against Dr. Conrad Murray, who was Jackson’s personal doctor. <AZ>

SHARK WEEK!! The 23rd annual Shark Week kicks off this Sunday on The Discovery Channel and Jeff Kurr’s documentary, Ultimate Air Jaws, kicks the week off Sunday night at 9 PM. Kurr spoke with us about the celebrity host for the week, Craig Ferguson. Tune in Sunday at 9 PM Eastern to The Discovery Channel to see the beginning of Shark Week. <AZ>

CLOONEY’S LADY IN COCAINE SCANDAL! Radar Online is reporting that George Clooney’s girlfriend, ElisabettaCanalis, has been accused of doing cocaine with a escort in Italy. Elisabeth was mentioned as one of the VIPs who would get free drugs when she was at clubs, and the escort mentioned her by name in her testimony. <AZ>

MODERN FAMILY’S NAKED AD CAMPAIGN! Modern Family has launched a new “for your consideration” campaign in hopes of winning an Emmy at this year’s awards show. In their new ad, they promise the show’s own Sofia Vergara will streak down Sunset Boulevard if they win. The catch is, there’s a footnote explaining that another cast member may fill in for Sofia at any time…so fans may not get to enjoy Sofia’s naked bod after all. Check out for more. <AZ>

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT’S NEW MAN! Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has a new man in her life. According to Us Weekly, the actress is now dating actor/director Alex Beh after splitting with actor Jamie Kennedy in March. Hewitt has also dated Carson Daly, John Mayer and was engaged to Scottish actor Ross McCall back in 2007. <AZ> kp:Umm…Her middle name is LOVE! ;)

GWYNETH PALTROW TALKS OSCAR!- Gwyneth Paltrow has had quite an impressive career so far and we’ll next get to see the actress in the new flick Country Strong, where she’ll plays a country singer. Back in 1999, Paltrow was nominated for, and won an Oscar for her work in Shakespeare in Love. She talked with us about winning that honor so early in her career.  Make sure to check out Paltrow in Country Strong when it hits theaters on December 22nd. Meanwhile, you can hear Paltrow sing the flick’s title-track song over at now and pick up the soundtrack on October 26th. AZ kp: Here’s a little taste of Gwyneth Paltrow singing along with Huey Lewis in the movie “Duets”…Now Gwyneth can sing!


Degrassi (10 AM ET)

Silent Library (5 PM ET)

Disaster Date (5:30 PM ET)


American Gladiators (6 AM ET)

Lucha Libre USA (10 PM ET)

The Dudesons in America (11 PM ET)


When I Was 17 (11 AM ET)


Rock N Jock Presents: Life of Ryan (11 AM ET)


Sucker Free Countdown (12 PM ET)

The T.O. Show (2:30 PM ET)

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch (3 PM ET)

Gridlock’D (4:30 PM ET)

*Leaving you with my SONG Video Pick of the day…Enjoy! :)

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SOULJA BOY TURNS 20 was on hand for Soulja Boy’s 20th birthday earlier this
week at Club Highland in Hollywood, California.  The party got hot when a
shirtless Soulja Boy took to the stage to perform a few songs.  The New
Boyz, Quincy Brown and other celebs were on hand for the festivities.  <JC>

*       VIDEO!  Check out the video from the party here:


Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Rihanna holds at number one on the
Billboard Hot 100 for a second week, while Katy Perry’s former number one
hit, “California Gurls,” stays steady at number two.  Taio Cruz climbs one
spot to number three with “Dynamite,” which pushes B.o.B’s “Airplanes” down
one spot to number four.  Meanwhile, Travie McCoy’s “Billionaire” is back up
one spot to number five, Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It” featuring Pitbull is
up two spots to number six and Katy Perry’s new single, “Teenage Dream,”
scores this week’s biggest debut, bowing at number 20.  It’s also the most
added song at radio this week.  <JC>


Pharrell Williams shared with us what fans can expect from Game’s oft-delayed R.E.D. Album. The hitmaker, who serves as one of the executive producers, knows people will be pleasantly surprised with the direction. The West Coast emcee will release the R.E.D. Album on August 24th. <WM>


Nelly has released a new single titled “Just A Dream.”  The Jim
Jonsin-produced track is the follow-up to “Trippin’ in the Club,” both of
which will appear on his next album, Nelly 5.0.  According to,
the album, which is due in September, will feature collaborations with T.I.,
Diddy, Kelly Rowland and Akon.  <JC>

*       HEAR IT!  Click to listen to Nelly’s new joint:


According to, Kelis has announced fall tour dates for the
U-K and Europe.  The outing starts in London before hitting Manchester,
Glasgow and Birmingham.  Then, the “Scream” singer will take her show to
France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and Holland.  Kelis will
perform 17 shows in 12 countries during the tour.  <JC>


Ne-Yo opened up to Australia’s Daily Telegraph and talked about the songs he
had written for Michael Jackson.  The R&B singer/songwriter said that he was
sending Jackson three or four drafts a week prior to Michael’s unexpected
death. More than a year later, Ne-Yo still stands at a crossroads as he
contemplates what to do with the songs he created specifically for the one
and only MJ.  Ne-Yo said he can’t sell them to someone else, as that would
be disrespectful.  He added that it might even be disrespectful for him to
record the songs, as they were “absolutely written for Michael Jackson.”


An online parody of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” has gained
hundreds of fans. Created by 24-year-old MJ Delaney, the spoof has been
viewed more than 1.65-million times on YouTube! Instead of focusing on New
York, the video takes place in Wales City, about 140 miles West of London.
The U-K clip has already won some high-profile fans including Lily Allen,
who recently posted a link to the film on her Twitter account. <WM>


Fat Joe knew as soon as he recorded “If It Ain’t About Money” with Trey
Songz that it would become a hit. The Bronx native doesn’t like to toot his
own horn, however:

“I don’t want to sound arrogant, yeah I was hoping for it! You
know, I was hoping for it, Trey Songz, one of the hottest dudes in the game,
and you know, he’s with Fat Joe, and we know how to make music and you know.
Actually, I thought it would be even, even bigger at this point. You know,
like, when I heard it I thought we had, we really have one. It was a great

“If It Ain’t About Money” is lifted from Joe’s latest The Darkside Vol. 1
effort, available online and in stores NOW! <WM>



Trey Songz has created an undeniable brand in music and like most artists,
the R&B crooner wants to venture off into films.

“I do, hopefully my acting career will be very, very big. You know
right now I am focused on music and making sure my artistry is all the way
where I want it to be, but when the time comes for me to step into that
arena full-time I’ll do it to the best of my ability.”

So far, the singer has only appeared in an episode of ABC’s Lincoln Heights.
Don’t be surprised to see him gracing the big screen sooner than you think.


Charles Hamilton recently checked himself into the New York Presbyterian
Mental Hospital! According to, the rapper claims he
voluntarily entered to get a “peace of mind” from the stress of the music
industry. The “Brooklyn Girls” artist had become the butt of industry jokes
after a video was leaked of his ex-girlfriend punching him in the face.  He
was also recently dropped from Interscope Records. It’s unclear how long his
stay at the mental institution will be. <WM>


Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Bizzy Bone has just signed a deal with DC-based
label Sumerian Records. He is set to release a new solo album entitled
Crossroads 2010, which will be a mash-up of heavy metal and hip-hop. Label
founder Ash Avildsen says Bizzy is “one of the most progressive vocalists I
have ever heard” and calls the album “incredible.”  Crossroads 2010 has
already made its digital debut and is set to drop August 24th! In addition,
Bizzy Bones will be featured on the upcoming season of Vh1’s Celebrity Rehab
with Dr. Drew, where he’ll seek treatment for marijuana and alcohol abuse.


According to, Chilli claims she never married the father of
her son, music producer Dallas Austin! During the recent airing of Vh1’s
Behind The Music, focusing on ex-boyfriend Usher, Chilli spoke on their
previous relationship with Austin and how infidelity lead to their break up.
Due to the show, many speculated that she was married to the hitmaker.
However, the TLC member stated, “I’ve never been married in my life” and if
she was, she would never keep it a secret. Vh1 will also be airing the
second season of What Chilli Wants, but it is unclear if Chilli will be on
the hunt for love again or settling down with the guy she picked on season
one.  <WM>


Seal is going to be releasing a new album.  According to a press release,
the effort will be titled Seal 6: Commitment, and is due out on September
28th.  The album is produced by David Foster and the first single is a love
song called “Secret.”  Learn more at <ZS>


Eminem’s Recovery maintains the top spot on the Billboard album chart for
the fifth straight week, selling another 187-thousand copies, according to
Nielsen SoundScan.  Rick Ross’ Teflon Don bows at number two selling over
176-thousand copies.  Sheryl Crow’s 100 Miles From Memphis debuts at number
three with 55-thousand copies, marking her eighth top ten album.  Drake’s
Thank Me Later falls one spot to number four, while Kidz Bop 18 starts at
number five.  Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0 slides one spot to number six and
has now sold over 1.5 million copies.  The Jonas Brothers’ soundtrack to
their Disney Channel TV series Jonas L.A. bows at number seven, selling over
32-thousand copies.


Even though Rick Ross failed to debut at number one on the Billboard 200
chart, the rapper was able to sell over 176-thousand for his latest album,
Teflon Don. The Def Jam artist was originally projected to beat out Eminem’s
Recovery album – which has remained on top for it’s the fifth straight week.
With contributions from Kanye West, Jay-Z, T.I., Raphael Saadiq and Drake,
the emcee’s fourth studio effort is definitely one that should be added to
your collection. <WM>


The U-K’s MTV News reports that Rihanna has revealed the one person she’s
dying to work with: Lady Gaga. The “Te Amo” songbird explained, “A
collaboration between Gaga and myself would be really cool because we do a
similar type of music and we both really love fashion.” The pop star
believes teaming up would result in a “very hot and sexy video,” adding, “I
would love to collaborate with her. Who wouldn’t?” Only time will tell,
especially since both singers are recording new albums for 2011. <WM>


According to the New York Daily News, Diddy owes the city of New York nearly
one-million dollars. Puff’s Bad Boy Entertainment company was hit for
illegally displaying posters all over the tri-state area. A spokesman for
the mogul claimed the 966-thousand dollar debt was paid three years ago and
lawyers are currently reviewing the records. <WM>

*       In addition, Doug E. Fresh, Remy Ma’s defense lawyer and Mickey
Rourke’s plastic surgeon also owe large sums to New York City.


In addition to performing at Jamaica’s Sumfest Festival last weekend, Usher
and Chris Brown have reportedly recorded a song together. The track took
only two days to create at a Montego Bay recording studio. The untitled song
marks the first time the R&B stars have joined forces. Visit the to learn more now. <WM>


Foxy Brown may have seemed nonchalant about her court case at a recent
concert in New York City, but there’s no denying the serious jail time she
faces if convicted for violating an order of protection. According to New
York’s Daily News, her lawyer, Bruce Barron, announced that he is no longer
representing Brown and the new attorney, Salvatore Strazzullo, attempted to
get Foxy an order of protection against her accuser but was denied. While
Brown has entered a not guilty plea, she’s looking at seven years in prison
if found guilty for violating a restraining order on her neighbor, Arlene
Raymond. We’ll keep you posted with further updates. <WM>


After recently laying down vocals on Jazmine Sullivan’s new single “Holdin’
You Down,” Fat Joe shared some surprising news with us.
It’s unknown if the revamped version will appear on the soulful R&B singer’s
sophomore album. Be sure to pick up Joe’s latest The Darkside Vol. 1 effort,
available online and in stores now. <WM>

FAITH EVANS MOVED TO OCTOBER reports Faith Evans’ forthcoming comeback album, Something
About Faith, has received a new launch date. Fans will be able to hear the
entire disc on October 5th with the first official single slated to premiere
in the coming weeks. We’ll keep you posted with further updates. <WM>


Just days after announcing a new release date, Kid Cudi has once again
changed the launch date for his upcoming Man on the Moon 2: The Legend of
Mr. Rager. Instead of arriving on September 28th, the rapper’s sophomore
effort will now hit stores on October 26th. reports that neither
the rapper nor the label have explained the reason for the change. <WM>


On his forthcoming album Versus, Usher picks up right where he left off on
Raymond V Raymond. has posted a song from the new disc called
“Hot Toddy,” which features Jay-Z. We’ve just learned the CD version will
include songwriter Ester Dean on the hook instead of Ciara. Versus will
arrive on August 24th. <WM>

Usher feat. Jay-Z “Hot Toddy”

KANYE PLAYS FACEBOOK HEADQUARTERS reports Kanye West made an appearance at Facebook’s headquarters
in Palo Alto, California to meet with fans and perform four exclusive new
songs. The previously unheard tracks are “Mama’s Boyfriend,” “Lost in the
World,” “Chain Heavy” and “Sweat on My Face” – all of which will appear on
Ye’s forthcoming effort. You can check out the footage on YouTube now! <WM>

*       Kanye’s fourth studio effort arrives in stores on September 14th.

*       Head over West’s official blog to read his message to fans!

 KEYSHIA COLE NAMES NEW ALBUM has learned Keyshia Cole is hard at work on her fourth
studio album and she’s considering calling the project Keyshia. The
follow-up to 2008’s A Different Me has no confirmed release date at this
time. <WM>


It seems that no celebrity can resist creating an account on Twitter. Fans
will now be able to follow Kanye West on the social networking site. His
account has been verified and as yet, he isn’t following any of his famous
friends. Be sure to keep up with the rapper at <WM>

*       UPDATE! The rapper just tweeted that he’s decided to rename his
upcoming studio album which was formerly named Good Ass Job. He wrote, “I’m
bouncing a couple of titles around now.” The disc will still drop on
September 14th. We’ll keep you posted!


Even though T.I. has pushed his album back to this fall, fans shouldn’t
count the rapper out. The Dream says he’s heard Tip’s comeback effort and
spilled on what the Atlanta native is cookin’ up.

“He’s elevated every time, you think it right now though hes rappin
in space right now, but not in a place that we don’t know, it’s in the same
area but its wide, it’s just wider.”

Tip has just released promo photos for his new album, King Uncaged, which
will hit stores on September 28th. Head over to for the images
now. <WM>


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reportedly teamed with Aretha
Franklin during a charity concert in Philadelphia. reports the
soul legend belted out “Respect” and “You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman”
while Rice played a Mozart piano concerto, all to assist in raising money
for underprivileged youth. The event earned over 580-thousand dollars! <WM>


50 Cent recently stopped by The View to talk about his dramatic weight loss
for Things Fall Apart, the scars from removing tattoos, his Vitamin Water
deal and more. Check it out now! <WM>


Shaquille O’Neill showed up at Justin Bieber’s soundcheck in Phoenix,
Arizona earlier this week.  The NBA star took some time to serenade Bieber
and to share his love for the teen idol.  Earlier, Bieber almost got into
trouble while riding a Segway outside the U-S Airways Center.  A flock of
young girls spotted the singer and starting chasing him, eventually catching
him.  Bieber escaped unharmed.  <JC>

*       VIDEO!  See video of Shaq and the segway incident here:


Does Madonna act like a diva when she has to fly commercial airlines?  A
source told British paper the Daily Star that on a recent Virgin Atlantic
flight from New York to London, the pop star bought out an entire aisle in
first class for herself and her entourage.  She also wouldn’t let the flight
attendants “walk down her aisle or ask her any questions, they had to go
through her assistants.” <ZS>


Travie McCoy and Kid Cudi have been added to the third annual Sunset Strip
Music Festival.  The event, which celebrates the famed Sunset Strip in West
Hollywood, California will take place on August 26th through the 28th.  The
fest will also feature performances from The Smashing Pumpkins, Slash,
Fergie, Common, Neon Trees and more.  <JC>

*       Sunset Boulevard between San Vicente and Doheny will be closed to
traffic during the event.

*       Last year’s SSMF drew over 10-thansound fans to The Strip to see
sets from Ozzy Osbourne, Korn and more.

*       General admission, VIP and 3-Day VIP tickets are on sale through
Ticketmaster.  Street fest tickets are $49.50 in advance.

*       The SSMF is donating a portion of all tickets sold to the Los
Angeles Youth Network (LAYN), a charity whose mission is to end
homelessness, one kid at a time, by providing shelter, food and counseling
for the abused, neglected and abandoned.


A GRAMMY charity auction is taking place now online.  The auction features
signed items from Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne,
P!nk, Taylor Swift and many more.  Head over to to check out
all the items.  All proceeds will benefit MusiCares and the GRAMMY
Foundation.  <JC>

OKSANA TO SUE MEL OVER MUSIC! We reported earlier this week that before she can debut any of her new music, Oksana Grigorieva (Pron: gree-gore-ee-eh-vuh) has to get her ex, Mel Gibson, to sign off on the release. With the state of the pair’s relationship, it’s doubtful Mel will want to voluntarily release Oksana’s new music and so, according to TMZ, Oksana is ready to sue Mel to make sure her music comes out. We’ll let you know if and when she files a lawsuit. <AZ>

KATHERINE JACKSON NOT DOING WELL! – Katherine Jackson says she “hasn’t been doing so well” since the death of her son, Michael Jackson. According to a new interview posted on TMZ, Mrs. Jackson seems to be an emotional wreck and reveals she thinks about and misses Michael every day. <AZ>

BABIES, BABIES, BABIES! There is a ton of celebrity baby news out there this week. First off, Juno writer Diablo Cody gave birth to a baby boy she named Marcello Daniel Maurio. Next, Us Weekly is reporting that sources say newlyweds Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are expecting a baby.  And, the magazine has confirmation that former Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft and her husband are having a baby. Rycroft is reportedly due in February. <AZ>

SNOOKI SCARED HERSELF! Season two of Jersey Shore premieres tonight at 10 PM on MTV. Recently, Snooki told Us Weekly that the amount of partying she did on this new season of Jersey Shore scared her. She said she’d never partied that much in her life and that she should get an award for her two months of straight revelry. Snooki told us though that despite all the merriment, the show has helped her mature. Tune in to MTV tonight at 10 PM Eastern to see the new season of Jersey Shore. <AZ>

CHRIS TUCKER IN TAX TROUBLE! Rush Hour star Chris Tucker owes over 11-million dollars in back taxes to the IRS. TMZ reports that his big debt stems from the years 2001 through 2006, when he didn’t file or improperly filed his federal tax returns. <AZ>

PROJECT RUNWAY PREMIERES! Season eight of Project Runway premieres tonight on Lifetime at 9 PM Eastern. When we caught up with host Tim Gunn, he told us that he gets just as attached to the fashion designer contestants as viewers do. Tune in tonight at 9 PM Eastern on Lifetime to see Project Runway. <AZ>

BREAKING DAWN BIRTH SCENE! Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg is talking about the epic birth scene set to be included in the new installment of the vampire movies. According to MTV News, Melissa has been working closely with Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon and is writing and rewriting the pivotal scene where “Bella” gives birth to a half-vampire baby. It seems to be one of the scenes from the books Twi-hard fans are most anxious to see portrayed on the big screen. <AZ>

JOLIE LIKES SALT!- Angelina Jolie stars in the new action flick Salt. The actress told us that approached her role as “Evelyn Salt” like she approached many of the dramas she’s starred in. Jolie stars alongside Liev Schreiber in Salt, which is in theaters now. <AZ>

AL GORE QUESTIONED! People magazine is reporting that Al Gore was questioned by police last week about the sexual assault accusations a massage therapist has made against him. Gore has publicly denied the assault claims and we’ll keep you updated on what comes out of Al’s questioning. <AZ>

IDOL UPDATE! Yesterday we reported that former American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe may be returning to the show.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lythgoe was interested in bringing in the likes of Justin Timberlake and Elton John to help fill the seat left open by the departure of judge Simon Cowell.  It sounded a bit too good to be true and it apparently is.  Deadline Hollywood is reporting that representatives for Timberlake and John both said that neither will be able to commit to the show due to their busy schedules.  <JC>

CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE!- Joey Pantoliano reprises his role as “Peek” in the new family comedy Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. He talked with us about a reason he wanted to voice “Peek” again. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore also features the voices of Christina Applegate, James Marsden and Nick Nolte and is in theaters tomorrow. <AZ>



Degrassi (10 AM ET)

Jersey Shore Season Premiere (10 PM ET)


Sucker Free Daily (7:30 AM ET)

The Hard Times of RJ Berger (2 AM ET)

Warren the Ape (2:30 AM ET)

Rock the Deuce (3 AM ET)

* Leaving you with my SONG Video Pick of the day…Enjoy! ;)

Posted by Kepi

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